Webinar: West Nile Virus: An Update for Clinicians – Aug. 6, 2012

Description: The Texas Department of State Health Services is urging all Texans to take precautions against West Nile virus. DSHS is seeing earlier and larger than normal disease activity compared to previous years. Through July 31, there have been more reported cases of West Nile virus illness cases than in any other year since West Nile came to the state in 2002. Nationally, there have been 241 cases reported to the CDC; Texas cases account for over 60% of this total, and half of the deaths. Please join David Lakey, MD, Commissioner, and Texas Department of State Health Services staff Robert Kaspar, MD; Paul McGaha, DO, MPH; and Tom Sidwa, DVM, MPH, to learn more about West Nile virus in Texas, including its epidemiology, prevention, diagnosis, and treatment.

Presenters: Robert Kaspar, MD, Infectious Disease Officer for the State of Texas, Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) and Clinical Associate Professor, University of Texas Health Science Center, San Antonio; Paul McGaha, DO, MPH, Regional Director for Health Service Region 4 and 5 (North), DSHS, and Acting Assistant Commissioner for the DSHS Division for Regional and Local Health Services; Tom Sidwa, DVM, MPH, Manager, Zoonosis Control Branch, DSHS.

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