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ELC Epidemiology Workshop 2014


2014 ELC Epidemiology Workshop

March 4-5, 2014

The Commons Learning Center

J. J. Pickle Research Campus

Austin, Texas 


      Workshop Presentations                          



The Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) hosts an annual epidemiology workshop.  This year the workshop will be held on March 4 and 5 in Austin, Texas.  The workshop is made possible through funding from the Epidemiology and Laboratory Capacity cooperative agreement.


Target audience:

Local health department and DSHS staff involved in infectious disease surveillance and epidemiology especially epidemiologists working in regional DSHS offices and local health departments.  Attendance in previous years has been fairly evenly distributed among central office, regional and local staff including small and/or geographically isolated local health departments. 



Provide epidemiology and surveillance training

Afford networking opportunities to enhance inter-regional collaboration.


Training opportunities:

Plenary sessions

  • Infectious disease surveillance annual summaries
  • Epidemiological investigations of measles, botulism, Cyclospora, dengue, and the explosion in West with emphasis on communication processes


Special interest tracks (each attendee may attend one am and one pm)

  • AM
  • Introduction to new disease reporting requirements
  • Hands-on training on end-of-year clean-up of the National Electronic Disease Surveillance System  (NEDSS) data
  • Presentation and facilitated discussion on laboratory specimen submission, communication, and other logistical considerations in outbreak investigations
  • PM
  • Basics of health care facility infection control for epidemiologists
  • Interactive participation in vaccine-preventable, gastrointestinal, and respiratory disease outbreak  
  • Hands-on training on end-of-year clean-up of the National Electronic Disease Surveillance System  (NEDSS) data continued


There is no registration fee.  The ELC funding will provide funds for travel and per diem by invitation.

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