Requirements for Healthcare Providers on Disclosure of Use and Storage of Blood Spot Cards

Important Newborn Screening (NBS) Program Changes

As explained in New Requirements for Physicians or Persons Attending the Birth of a Newborn, HB 1672 (81st Session) includes important new requirements for the Department of State Health Services (DSHS) Newborn Screening Program and newborn screening healthcare providers.

What does that mean for me?
Beginning August 1, 2009, the following interim process will be used until the existing stock of newborn screening collection kits has been depleted:

  • The physician or other person attending the birth must ensure that the disclosure form, F14-13230, is given to the parent, managing conservator or legal guardian of the newborn and verify the disclosure information was provided.
  • Once the current stocks of collection kits are distributed under this interim process, collection kits that have been redesigned as described in HB 1672 will begin to be distributed.  This is expected to be approximately April of 2010.
  • DSHS will provide labels, with newborn screening collection kit orders or by provider request, that are pre-printed with a check box to indicate that the disclosure form has been provided to the parent, managing conservator, or legal guardian. For any collection kits currently in stock, healthcare providers will be asked to place the pre-printed label (provided by DSHS) on the lower right portion of the demographic form before sending the specimen back to DSHS for testing. See example (PDF 120kb).

NOTE: To request additional labels for collection kits already in stock, please send an email to including the quantity of labels requested, the NBS submitter ID number, and the ship to address.

Notice Letter:
  • NBS Sample Usage Packet (PDF 110kb), includes:
    • Brief summary of new legislation (HB 1672) including healthcare provider responsibilities
    • Laboratory interim and long term plan to address the new legislation
    • Example of specimen demographic form with provisional sticker placement
Disclosure Form:
HB 1672
FAQ Frequently Asked Questions Regarding the 2009 Legislative Requirements for Providers Concerning Newborn Screening
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