Adolescent Health in Texas

January is Human Trafficking Prevention Month

Adolescents with a history of trauma and difficult family situations are at risk for human trafficking. You can help by being aware of recruiting tactics and report suspected trafficking.

Resources for preventing human trafficking:


Our Mission: To protect and promote the health of young people in the state of Texas.

Adolescent Health initiatives in Texas maintain a comprehensive and holistic view of an adolescent's health and well-being. Instead of looking at single behaviors (teen pregnancy, substance use/abuse, violence, delinquency, suicide, depression, unintentional injuries and school failure), adolescent health focuses on the overlap between behaviors, their underlying common causes, and successful interventions. Interventions must be built around researched risk and resiliency factors and maintain a collaborative, multi-disciplinary approach that includes families, schools, churches, communities and agencies that serve young people, as partners in adolescent health.

The State Adolescent Health Coordinator provides information on adolescent health and development through consultation, technical assistance, and educational presentations to agencies (local and state, public and private). The program also responds to inquires concerning adolescent health services from medical professionals, legislators, other agencies and the public. A core focus is providing training and technical assistance to a variety of audiences as they assess the needs of young people, and develop, implement and evaluate public health programs that serve young people. The State Adolescent Health Coordinator focuses on translating the latest research and data about young people into actionable solutions. These solutions primarily focus on policy and systems level changes for organizations, communities, schools, and others. 

Department of State Health Services

State Adolescent Health Coordinator
Office of Title V and Family Health

PO Box 149347, MC 1922
Austin, TX 78714-9347

Telephone 512-776-7373
Fax 512-776-7658 

Last updated January 4, 2018