Advisory Board of Athletic Trainers Apply for a New License - Examination


Examination Application Deadlines
Examination sites are San Antonio, Houston, Fort Worth and Lubbock

 Scheduled Candidates for the April 24, 2016 Exam (Will be posted here)

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2016 Deadlines

Exam Date

Application Deadline

 April 24, 2016

 February 25, 2016


First time applicants must postmark completed applications with transcripts and all required supporting documentation on or before the deadline date. Applications postmarked after the deadline will be processed for the subsequent examination. Those applicants that have been deemed eligible for the exam will be mailed the exam registration forms at least 45 days prior to the exam date.

The Advisory Board of Athletic Trainers does not provide study guides for the state licensure examinations.   Questions on the Texas Athletic Trainer Written Examination and the Texas Athletic Trainer Oral/Practical Examination are drawn from the sources on the Examination Reference List.

You can obtain the Athletic Trainer Application Packet by clicking on the right- hand side menu, titled, "Application Instructions".

Qualified veterans may receive reimbursement from the Department of Veterans Affairs for specific licensing examinations offered by some of the boards and programs of the DSHS Professional Licensing and Certification Unit. Click on the link below to view information on reimbursement

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