Advisory Board of Athletic Trainers FAQ's-License-Renewal

How does a licensed athletic trainer maintain his or her license?

      Athletic trainers must renew their licenses each renewal period by completing a renewal application, paying the renewal fee prior to the expiration date of their licenses, and completing continuing education requirements. Since licenses are issued to individuals, maintaining the athletic trainer license in good standing is the responsibility of each athletic trainer, not the athletic trainer's employer.

      Licenses must be renewed prior to the expiration date or a late renewal fee is imposed. A license that is lapsed for one year or more may not be renewed. The person must reapply for licensure under current requirements and successfully retake the licensure examinations to be licensed as an athletic trainer.

Are licensed athletic trainers required to attend continuing education classes?

      Yes. Athletic trainers are required to report 20 clock-hours of continuing education credit at the end of each two-year reporting period, along with proof of current certification in CPR and Automated External Defibrillation (AED). All continuing education programs must receive board approval if they have not already been approved by a professional association qualified to evaluate continuing education programs. To obtain approval for a program, mail or fax a letter requesting approval to the board's office. Enclose a program or brochure that indicates program content, objectives, schedule, and sponsorship. This requirement is intended to maintain and improve the quality of health care that licensed athletic trainers provide to the citizens of Texas.

Last updated April 5, 2010