New Additions to Rehabilitations Collection-2015

Ability Explorer. 2006. Kit. ( KT0084)
Job seekers rate their ability to perform 140 different tasks from very good to very poor. They then total their self-ratings and learn about which courses, activities, and careers are most suitable to a person with those abilities.

Alone in a crowded room (closed captioned). 56 min. 2013. DVD. (DD0699)
This film explores the line between ability and disability and goes beyond the preconceptions people might have about autism. It tells the stories of love, family, work, and friendship of four adults with the disorder.

American sign language, Level 1 - American sign language: greetings, the alphabet, and more. 55 min. 2011. DVD. (DD0664)
This program shows viewers how to sign each letter of the alphabet, then demonstrates the signs for introductions and greetings, family members, rooms in the house, animals, and question forms. Segments of the video are displayed first without and then with text so that viewers can test their understanding. Viewers can assess their comprehension of longer conversations by watching a person tell a story in Sign Language. This title is also available through the Films on Demand video streaming service.

Audio processing disorder: disease and...ease. 24 min. 2014. DVD. (DD0665)
The Disease and... Ease team traveled to London to meet the experts on the diagnosis and treatment of Auditory Processing Disorder. APD affects both children and adults and usually manifests itself as listening or learning difficulties; the brain cannot process sounds effectively even though the individual's hearing appears to be normal. With the help of the audiologists of the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery and a group of specialists on speech, language, and hearing disabilities, we learn about the challenges of diagnosis, treatment, and management of this affliction. This title is also available through the Films on Demand video streaming service.

Back to full stride: knee replacement surgery. 26 min. 2010. DVD. (DD0664)
Bob had been a lifelong athlete until knee trouble began to keep him off the basketball court. Like millions of aging but still active adults, he confronted the pain only when it started to restrict his daily activities. This program examines deterioration of the knee joint and the options for partial or total replacement when nonsurgical interventions fail to bring relief. Medical experts outline the basics of the procedure along with its risks, stressing the importance of sticking to a postoperative rehabilitation plan. In addition, a hiker discusses her decision to have surgery, now much less invasive than when the procedure was first developed, and how it eventually improved her life. This title is also available through the Films on Demand video streaming service.

Before you apply: job and skills evaluation. 26 min. 2011. DVD. (DD0668)
School is over and it’s time to go out and get your dream job but what is that, exactly? Determining a career choice, or a career path, is one of the hardest things to do in life. This video helps new graduates and beginning job seekers clarify their professional goals and find jobs that fit their skills, passions, priorities, and long-term plans. Viewers learn how to use assessment tests, focusing on values, interests, or aptitude and achievement, to identify strengths and challenges; how to make the most of occupational classification systems that describe industries and labor markets in detail; how to obtain references and letters of recommendation that underscore past experience and future potential; and how to explore job training options, whether they involve on-the-job instruction, further academic coursework, or a combination of both. This title is also available through the Films on Demand video streaming service.

Before you apply: resumes, portfolios, and your online persona. 28 min. 2011. DVD. (DD0667)
Job hunting is about selling yourself but to make a sale, you have to advertise. From traditional paper resumes to new-media methods of self-promotion, this video explores the best ways for applicants to showcase their talents, accomplishments, and potential value to employers. An in-depth discussion of resume strategy highlights objectives, structure, formatting (both hard-copy and electronic), and proofreading, followed by read-aloud examples that help clarify what employers do and don’t like to see. A detailed look at creating work sample presentations, from basic notebook and photo-album layouts to digital and online portfolios follows. Visual demos show what might work in industries such as marketing, construction, and culinary arts. Finally, viewers are reminded that social networks like Facebook and LinkedIn are powerful promotional tools, if used wisely and professionally. This title is also available through the Films on Demand video streaming service.

Beyond disability: a yoga practice with Matthew Sanford (closed captioned). 56 min. 2011. DVD. (DD0689)
Matthew Sanford illustrates full-length seated yoga practice for people of all abilities. Practice along with Sanford and his students as they guide the viewer through chapters introducing seated centering, grounding, balance, rhythm, and balanced relaxation. Viewers can participate in one section at a time or enjoy the practice in its entirety.

Can I make it on my own? part I (closed captioned). 68 min. 2014. DVD. (DD0692)
Four people share stories of making it on their own. Anna discusses becoming disillusioned with an acting career and the path that led her to a related but different career. Javier shares his story of being a man in the field of early childhood education, his financial plans, and his life as a parent of young child. He honestly and frankly details the challenges and joys of a career in a non-traditional field. Roger faces the challenge of recovering from injuries sustained in a car accident and in the process found new enthusiasm for his work. Amanda was diagnosed with cancer and went into debt to pay for her medical treatment. She is now struggling to become a dental hygienist. These personal narratives illustrate the consequences of foolish decisions, the difficulty of dealing with the unexpected, and the importance of goal setting and determination.

Can I make it on my own? part II (closed captioned). 85 min. 2013. DVD. (DD0693)
Four adults share their struggles in finding a career path. Kiran, the daughter of immigrants from India, discusses what lead her to choose a career in the shrinking field of journalism. Greg took advantage of vocational classes offered in his high school and has become a successful plumber. Marlenne came to the U.S. unable to speak English but is currently in college. Ryan dealt with the disappointment of losing an athletic scholarship because of a sports injury. He recounts how Americorp helped him pay for his tuition at a community college.

Career counseling and hidden disabilities: the neurodiverse client. 85 min. 2009. DVD. (DD0687)
Individuals with Asperger’s syndrome or ADHD face specific challenges that impact their ability to navigate the working world. Jan Johnston-Tyler explains why networking, volunteering, and job hunting can be difficult for people with these disabilities. She also describes effective ways to overcome these challenges.

Careers in the nonprofit sector (closed captioned). 17 min. 2011. DVD. (DD0702)
This program was filmed in Australia. It explores the diversity of opportunities available in the nonprofit sector, a part of the job market that includes advocacy groups, community organizations, and nongovernmental associations. Viewers meet three people who linked their passions to their careers: Damon landed an on-air position at a radio station, Gillian works with an ecology group, and Erica has a managerial role providing mental health services. The program explains that a range of job types can be found in the nonprofit world, including public relations, tech support, and accounting. Although paid employment is the goal, the benefits of volunteering are emphasized.

Careers without college. 25 min. 2014. DVD. (DD0676)
This DVD provides an inside look at top jobs that don’t require a college degree. Fields discussed are in industries like computers, medicine, trades, and the law. Individuals discuss the jobs, skills, and training required to pursue careers as a web developer, pharmacy technician, plumber, and court reporter.

Clothes at work : decoding office dress codes. 17 min. 2013. DVD. (DD0691)
This program teaches viewers about the four levels of business dress, tips on accessories and grooming, and how to build an affordable wardrobe.

Communication essentials: listening essentials (closed captioned). 22 min. 2010. DVD. (DD0709)
Viewers are challenged to improve their habits and aim for several concrete goals, such as the ability to actively participate in discussions and meetings, to craft effective messages in speech or text, to process and understand workplace communication, and more.

Customer service essentials: telephone customer service (closed captioned). 18 min. 2012. DVD. (DD0710)
We’ve all experienced the frustration of dealing with a company or organization over the telephone. Being put on hold or transferred again and again, often without finding an answer or solution, is enough to drive anyone crazy. Now, switch places: imagine you’re being paid to help customers by phone. What can you do to ease their aggravation, address their queries, and solve their problems? If a conflict emerges, how will you untangle it without the benefit of face-to-face interaction? This DVD provides answers to those questions, guiding trainees with simple dramatizations, concise explanations, and animation. Offering an overview of the basic components of a telephone support system, the program emphasizes the importance of active listening, documentation, and multitasking, while helping viewers recognize the communication barriers inherent in telephone technology.

Doing the job: basic job skills. 30 min. 2011. DVD. (DD0669)
An employee’s best qualities may have little to do with technical or clerical issues. Often, it is a professional attitude that makes a worker valuable, an array of personal strengths that enable her or him to accomplish goals, get along with colleagues, and rise through the ranks. This video brings those all-too-elusive aspects of job success into focus, exploring professional behavior, ethics, communication, leadership, teamwork, problem solving, organization, and information management. Discussions focus on collaboration, taking initiative, and office etiquette; the hazards of procrastination, dishonesty, and unethical actions; the ability to take and give constructive criticism; the four C’s of good writing (be clear, concise, compelling, and correct); effective uses for technology in completing projects and presenting work; and much more. This title is also available through the Films on Demand video streaming service.

Exploring human nature (closed captioned). 57 min. 2013. DVD. ( DD0673)
This program was filmed in Great Britain and is based on a reality television series. Psychologist Dr. Philip Zimbardo offers insights into the underlying forces driving individual and group behavior. Unsuspecting human subjects are placed in twenty situations that test the boundaries of individualism and group mentality. The program provides examples of how heavily we rely on first impressions, how we judge others by their personal appearance, and how strongly we identify with groups. The subjects demonstrate how social situations drive behavior when we want to be accepted and fit in and how easy it is for us to passively defer to a group norm. This can even be true in a disaster like a fire. Dr. Zimbardo shows how willing we are to obey those in authority and harm a stranger by staging a variation of the famous experiment by Stanley Milgram. He also shows Jane Elliot conducting her blue eyes brown eyes exercise to promote diversity and explains the findings of the Stanford prison experiment. Also available online through Kinetic streaming videos.

Finding your purpose. 40 min. 2011. DVD. (DD0666)
The most purposeful people in the world spend their time doing what they love. This video will help viewers discover and live a life of purpose by answering the question “What should I do with my time that will benefit both me and society?”. Topics include beliefs, values, achievements, feedback, empowering questions, goal-setting, your life story, writing your future, vision boards, making your passion pay, affirmations, and more. If you have a purpose, you will achieve it if you believe that you can.

Fully alive: discovering what matters most. 660 min. 2014. Audio CD. (CA0043)
Timothy Shriver’s audiobook is a memoir, a history of the Special Olympics, and a meditation on what one can learn about how to live from people with intellectual disabilities. He shares the quiet legacy of his aunt Rosemary, a Kennedy whose intellectual disability kept her far from the limelight, and inspired his family to devote their careers to helping others with intellectual disabilities. This audiobook will play only on CD and DVD players or computers that have the ability to play MP-3 formatted discs.

Getting the job: cover letters, interviews, and job offers (closed captioned). 27 min. 2011. DVD. (DD0701)
This program assists viewers in crafting a cover letter around a specific employer’s expectations. Viewers learn about the structure of an effective cover letter and encounter real-world examples of cover-letter strategies. Tips on preparing for an interview (from dressing properly to overcoming nervousness) are followed by a dramatization of how a typical interview might be conducted, as well as several challenging questions an applicant can expect and ask. The program’s final portion covers guidelines for smart salary negotiations and other helpful criteria for accepting or declining an offer of employment.

Going home: teens reentering society (closed captioned). 21 min. 2008. DVD. (DD0706)
For many inmates at juvenile correctional facilities, looking ahead to freedom brings anxiety and doubt. This program illustrates the challenges that often await young offenders following incarceration and shows teen inmates preparing to face the corporate world, their families, and themselves. Overcoming illiteracy, building marketable work skills, and becoming familiar with employment counseling and job search techniques are some of the subjects explored. The emotional side of leaving prison, including homecomings with elated parents and siblings and the counseling that often accompanies those reunions, is also illustrated in depth.

Indelible mark (closed captioned). 25 min. 2010. DVD. (DD0703)
This documentary focuses on three men who are living with a brain injury. Tom, a wildlife biologist, wakes up from his injury with near-total loss of his eyesight and the possibility of never fully walking again. Shay, a visual artist, explores his identity through his artwork. Another survivor, Andy, suffers from short term memory loss that leaves him unable to reflect on his change as a person. The film shows them participating in art and drama therapy as they negotiate different stages of recovery with a wide range of obstacles from the purely physical to mental.

Inside my mind: inside mental illness. 52 min. 2013. DVD. (DD0670)
Anxiety, a small bout of depression or an obsessional thought, all of us can have these feelings at some time but what if these persist and take over our lives? What causes mental health problems differs for every one of us: our genes, lifestyle, or events from the past can all play a part. But whatever the trigger, mental illness can happen to anyone, at any time. Using computer graphics to travel inside the body, this film explores the science behind mental illness, discovering the social, biological, and psychological changes that happen to five people living with different mental health disorders and unraveling the treatments that are helping them overcome their conditions. This title is also available through the Films on Demand video streaming service.

Lives worth living: the great fight for disability rights (closed captioned)(audio descriptive). 54 min. 2011. DVD. (DD0690)
This DVD is both an historical documentary about the Disability Rights Movement and a biography about one man’s struggle to survive. Leaders of the disability rights movement, such as Fred Fay, Judy Heumann, Ed Roberts, Marca Bristo, Justin Dart, Lex Frieden, Michael Winter, I. King Jordan and others, narrate the story of a long, hard, and successful drive for civil rights. This drive brought together a once fragmented population into a powerful coalition that created some of the most far reaching civil rights legislation in our nation’s history.

Lost child? living with an intellectual disability. 94 min. 2012. (DD0671)
For a person with an intellectual disability, social communications and interactions can sometimes be limited or difficult. “We don’t always know how to get the feelings out,” says Alyssa Ruzzin, whose life is the focus of this film. Coping with the challenges of an intellectual disability compounded by epilepsy, she is an inspiring speaker and a forthright advocate for the rights of people with special needs. Over the course of this documentary filmed by her brother, viewers are given an opportunity to learn more about Alyssa’s rich interior life as well as her struggles and triumphs as she deals with going to work, being in a relationship, and other day-to-day activities. By opening up to Greg and his camera, Alyssa is hopeful that she “might be helping people realize what goes on in other people’s heads when they can’t speak about it”. This title is also available through the Films on Demand video streaming service.

Making noise in silence (closed captioned). 20 min. 2014. DVD. (DD0704)
This film explores the richness and complexities of Deaf culture from the perspective of two Korean high school students who attend the California School for the Deaf, Fremont. Born and raised in South Korea, Jeongin Mun and Min Wook Cho have strong ties to their Korean heritage and learned Korean as their first language. However, what separates Jeongin and Min Wook from most children of immigrant families is that they are also deaf. When their families moved to the United States, their deafness automatically put them into an entirely separate cultural group with its own language, customs, and history.

Meds (closed captioned). 29 min. 2006. DVD. (DD0694)
This documentary explores the ups and downs experienced by people with mental illnesses who have been prescribed psychiatric medications. For many, the positive impact of the medications outweighs the negative side effects. For others, the side effects of the meds, including metabolic syndrome, tremors, involuntary pacing, sexual difficulties, depression and paranoia, have become immobilizing. The interviewees reveal why some people may choose not to take medications, while others work with their doctors to try alternatives, adjust their dosages, and somehow learn to live with a steady diet of medications. They also talk about lifestyle changes that help them live with their conditions. Ultimately, the possibility of again succumbing to the symptoms of their illnesses keeps most of the participants in this film on their meds.

Multicultural competence in counseling and psychotherapy(closed captioned). 84 min. 2014. DVD. (DD0675)
Culture and class bound values, white privilege, and implicit bias are just a few of the factors Derald W. Sue addresses in this program. Therapeutic interventions based on these factors serve to pathologize difference, alienate minority clients, and erode the therapeutic alliance. Sue describes these phenomena in detail, along with microagressions, the best ways to develop multicultural competence, and his unique training program designed to immerse students in diverse cultures.

Overcoming vision impairments. 12 min. 2012. DVD. (DD0698)
There are over 42 million people worldwide who have total or partial loss of vision and are defined as being blind. This program explains how the human eye works, examines some of the major causes of blindness and shows how medical science and technology are helping people with impaired vision. Surgical procedures and advanced image processing technologies are also presented in this program.

Principles of counseling and psychotherapy: the essential domains and non-linear thinking of master practitioners. 75 min. 2012. DVD. (DD0674)
The sound quality of this DVD is spotty. What are the secrets to successful therapy used by the masters? Are they all different in their approaches, or much more alike? This program presents, often humorously, information on successful nonlinear thinking and an overview of the seven domains. It then shows modern-day masters at work, including Steven Hayes, Marsha Linehan, Jon Carlson, Judith Beck, Francine Shapiro, Sue Johnson, Scott Miller, Steve Andreas, and William Glasser. This film teaches the secrets to non-linear thinking then shares the seven essential domains universal to all effective therapy: connecting and engaging with the client; assessing for symptoms, strengths, resources, and themes; building and maintaining the therapeutic relationship; understanding client cognitive schemas; understanding client emotional systems; resolving client ambivalence; and using paradoxical interventions.

Promoting your designs (closed captioned). 21 min. 2010. DVD. (DD0711)
For some designers, the thought of promoting their own work is overwhelming. They may even believe that having creative talent means they should leave the advertising and marketing to others. With a strong focus on designers and artists, this program explores strategies for achieving commercial success. The benefits of having a professional portfolio, photographs, business cards, and a Web site are emphasized, along with how to use the five Ps: product, price, people, placement, and promotion. The DVD also addresses the use of promotional strategies when seeking employment, the concept of branding, and the best way for creative people to get their work into the public eye.

Rupture: living with my broken brain. 69 min. 2011. (DD0672)
Actress Maryam d’Abo suffered a subarachnoid hemorrhage in 2007. Her near-death experience inspired this film to be made with her husband filmmaker, Hugh Hudson who witnessed her illness. Maryam leads us on a personal journey of recovery, giving hope to those who are isolated by their condition. First-hand stories celebrate our will to survive and bring awareness of an unseen and unpredictable condition that is often misunderstood.

Solution-focused therapy with Insoo Kim Berg (closed captioned). 121 min. 1997. DVD. ( DD0658)
Solution-focused therapy emphasizes clients’ existing strengths and skills instead of problems and psychopathology. In this DVD, Insoo Kim Berg demonstrates her uniquely optimistic and supportive therapy style. She effectively connects with the client, using her language, tracking how the client frames her problems, and mirroring her skills and assets. Viewers will develop an understanding of the key concepts of this approach and learn how to apply its techniques including the miracle question, scaling, and exceptions to their own therapeutic work with clients. Also available online through Kinetic streaming videos.

Ten steps to positive self esteem. 31 min. 2007. DVD. (DD0700)
Viewers will learn a ten-step process to build positive self-esteem. The first step is discovering who you really are and what you want out of life. You will determine any changes you want to make and how to make them, such as improving personality or body image, or learning communication techniques or job skills. You will become motivated to set and achieve goals while building a personal achievements portfolio and learn to build trusting relationships that reinforce who you are. A positive self-image helps a person to succeed in all areas of life.

Top careers in two years: construction and trades (closed captioned). 18 min. 2009. DVD. (DD0708)
New workers are needed every year in construction and the trades to meet the demand for assembling and maintaining buildings and keeping vehicles running. This program focuses on an electrician, a plumber, a mason, an interior designer, an HVAC repair technician, and an auto service technician.

Top careers in two years: manufacturing and transportation (closed captioned). 18 min. 2009. DVD. (DD0707)
Living in a world of cutting-edge technology hasn’t eliminated the need for turning out-of-this-world concepts into real-world products and then delivering them exactly when they’re wanted. This program spotlights three professionals in manufacturing: a robotics technician, a machinist, and a chemical technician, and three professionals who help get products from point A to point Z: a quality manager, a distribution manager, and a dock supervisor.

Transforming disability: a mind-body approach with Matthew Sanford. 13 min. (DVD) 24 min. (Audio CD). 2009. (DD0688)
Matthew Sanford illustrates how a mind-body practice can help a person with a disability build a connection between the mind and the body, thus transforming the experience of living with a disability. Three audio imagery exercises and a booklet illustrate five exercises that provide a starting point for developing a mind-body practice.

Understanding the use of adaptive devices for ADLS. 50 min. 2013. DVD. (DD0679)
An occupational therapist demonstrates adaptive devices used to assist in activities of daily living like grooming and hygiene, feeding and food preparation, and leisure and entertainment. Devices like the walker basket, shoe horn, lap tray, and plate guard are demonstrated in acute care, long term care, and home care environments.

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