BCCS Case Management

The purpose of case management is to ensure that clients enrolled in the BCCS receive timely and appropriate diagnosis and treatment.

What is Case Management?
Medicaid for Breast and Cervical Cancer (MBCC)
Contractor Requirements – New CM for referred in clients

What is Case Management?

A systematic approach of assessment, planning, and monitoring is necessary in order to overcome client and system barriers to timely diagnosis and treatment.

Case Management is an individualized approach for each BCCS enrolled woman with abnormal screening and/or diagnostic results which involves establishing, brokering and sustaining a system of available clinical and essential support services. Key components of case management can be found in the BCCS Manual of Operations.

Medicaid for Breast and Cervical Cancer (MBCC)

In Texas, the Medicaid for Breast and Cervical Cancer provides full Medicaid benefits to uninsured women under age 65 who are diagnosed, on or after September 1, 2007, and need treatment for breast or cervical cancer. To find out if you are eligible, you need to contact a contractor.

Contractor Case Management Requirements

Requirements for case management compliance are listed in Standard IV of the Manual of Operations. For additional contractor information, please visit the BCCS contractor page.

Last Updated October 3, 2007

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