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Proceedings of the Texas Birth Defects Conference 2000

Table of Contents

  • Click here to obtain a videotape of BOLDED┬ásessions.

Program Information (238K PDF, Viewing Information)

Summary, Agenda, Speaker Disclosures, and Roster

Plenary Sessions (337K PDF, Viewing Information)

  • The Magnitude & Patterns of Birth Defects in Texas
  • Vitamins & the Prevention of Birth Defects
  • The Impact of Birth Defects on Children and their Families
  • Alcohol-Related Birth Defects

Neural Tube Defects & Folic Acid I (254K PDF, Viewing Information)

  • The Prevalence & Patterns of Neural Tube Defects in Texas
  • Patterns of Folic Acid Awareness & Daily Supplementation in Texas
  • An International Investigation of High Rates of Neural tube Defects in Northern China
  • Selected Findings from a Case-Control Study of Neural Tube Defects on the Texas-Mexico Border
  • Interim Findings from the NTD Recurrence Prevention Study on the Texas-Mexico Border
  • The Prevention of Neural Tube Defects: A National Perspective

Selected Research & Prevention Topics (63K PDF, Viewing Information)

  • Obesity, Diabetes, & Birth Defects
  • The Texas Teratogen Information Service
  • Latest Developments in the Environmental Causes of Birth Defects
  • Perinatal Issues in Down Syndrome
  • Survival Patterns for Infants with Birth Defects in Texas
  • Planning for the Unplanned Pregnancy: Primary Prevention of Birth Defects

Living with Birth Defects (20K PDF, Viewing Information)

  • Birth Defect Support Groups
  • Cultural Barriers to Receiving Genetic Services
  • Local, National, & International Program for the Repair of Cleft Lip/Palate
  • Genetic Counseling
  • A Family-Centered, Team Approach to Planning for Children with Disabilities

Cardiovascular Birth Defects (137K PDF, Viewing Information)

  • Cardiovascular Embryology & Teratogenesis
  • Epidemiology of Heart Defects
  • Prevalence & Patterns of Selected Cardiovascular Defects in Texas
  • The Classification & Genetics of Congenital Cardiovascular Defects
  • Advances in the Treatment of Heart Defects

Neural Tube Defects & Folic Acid II (24K PDF, Viewing Information)

  • NTDs in Mexico: Beyond the Border
  • NTD Study on the Texas-Mexico Border
  • Genetics of Folic Acid Metabolism & Pathway
  • The Search for Spina Bifida Genes
  • Brain Malformations, Learning, and Development in Children

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