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cureTB_logo CureTB is the name of the US-Mexico binational tuberculosis referral program that has been in operation since June 1997. The main objective of CureTB is to facilitate the continuity of care and management of patients with tuberculosis moving between the United States and Mexico.

CureTB staff, primarily Mexican MDs familiar with the structure of the Mexican and United States health care systems, contact patients before they cross the border to assist and motivate them to continue care. They also work with providers to facilitate the exchange of clinical information. Using an over-the-phone case management system and a computer database, CureTB monitors and documents the treatment outcomes for patients.

Since March 2002 CureTB has been the referral hub for the United States-Mexico Binational TB Referral and Case Management Pilot Project - the "Binational Health Card". This pilot project, in coordination with several organizations, will establish a comprehensive binational tuberculosis (TB) referral and case management system for the United States and Mexico.

For additional information, contact:

Alberto Colorado, Director
Binational Health Project
County of San Diego
3851 Rosecrans St.
P.O. Box 85222, MS P511D
San Diego, CA 92186-5222
Phone: (619) 692-5710
Fax: (619) 692-8020 


Last updated January 9, 2012