Goal 5 Special Border Initiatives

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DSHS OBH will improve the border public’s health and enhance the capacity of communities to deliver health care services by cooperating, communicating, and collaborating with entities on special border initiatives.


5.1 U.S. Mexico Border Health Commission (BHC)

To maintain the Texas Outreach Office (TORO) for the US-Mexico Border Health Commission to support border-wide events), and sponsorship of workshops/trainings/conferences and other special border-wide initiatives.

Major Activities

  1. Binational Health Councils: continue to support the Binational Health Councils by providing administrative support and technical assistance in the implementation of border and binational activities.

  2. Border Binational Health Week (BBHW): participate in annual border health week celebration by promoting sustainable partnerships in addressing border health problems. Activities may include binational trainings, health fairs and forums sponsored by border partners such as the BHC-Mexico Section, NM Office of Border Health, and the Mexican Jurisdicción Sanitaria.

  3. Border Binational Infectious Disease Conference:  Plan and execute an biennial border binational infectious disease conference to provide a forum that brings together Federal, State, and local partners to address the critical infectious disease problems impacting the U.S.-Mexico border region that clearly documents the issues or problems and the solutions to propose solutions to those problems.

  4. Border Binational Obesity Prevention Summit:  Plan and conduct a biennial border binational obesity prevention summit to provide a forum that brings together federal, state, and local partners to address critical obesity prevention issues impacting the U.S. – Mexico border region and discuss potential solutions to address the obesity epidemic. 

  5. Outreach Office Planning Meeting: On behalf of the BHC, conduct the annual BHC outreach office planning meeting that includes representatives from each U.S. Mexico border state to include a minimum of two (2) person per state from each of the six (6) Mexican border states and four (4) U.S. border states as well as other invites as identified by the BHC and HHS/OGA.

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Last updated September 28, 2017