FY 2012 Operating Budget Substrategy Detail

01.01.01 Public Health Preparedness and Coordinated Services (739K Excel) Coordinated Public Health Preparedness Planning Epidemiological Surveillance Hospital Preparedness Grant and Planning and Training Border Health and Colonias All Other
01.01.02 Health Registries, Information, and Vital Records (404K Excel) Maintain Vital Records Birth Defects Register Trauma Register Cancer Register Health Information and Analysis All Other
01.02.01 Immunize Children and Adults (66K Excel)
01.02.02 HIV/STD Prevention (206K Excel) HIV/STD Medications HIV/STD Services HIV/STD Prevention and Surveillance
01.02.03 Infectious Disease Prevention/Epidemiology and Surveillance (318K Excel) Hepatitis C Prevention and Surveillance TB Surveillance and Prevention Hansen's Disease and Refugee Health Zoonotic Diseases Infectious Disease Epidemiology and Surveillance
01.03.01 Chronic Disease Prevention (176K Excel) Diabetes All Other
01.03.02 Abstinence Education (62K Excel)
01.03.03 Kidney Health Care (61K Excel)
01.03.04 Children with Special Health Care Needs (265K Excel) Medical Services Case Management Newborn Hearing Screen Enabling Services Family Support Services
01.03.05 Epilepsy Hemophilia Services (154K Excel) Epilepsy Hemophilia
01.04.01 Laboratory Services (65K Excel)
02.01.01 WIC/Farmer's Market Nutrition Services (222K Excel) WIC Food Packages WIC Farmer's Market All Other
02.01.02 Women and Children's Health Services (279K Excel) Health and Social Services for Women Health and Social Services for Children Population-Based Services Dental Services All Other
02.01.03 Family Planning Services (63K Excel)
02.01.04 Community Primary Care Services (63K Excel)
02.02.01 Mental Health Services - Adults (302K Excel) Outpatient Services Inpatient Services All Other New Generation Medications (ADDITIONAL DETAIL) All Other Medications (ADDITIONAL DETAIL) Medication Related Services (ADDITIONAL DETAIL)
02.02.02 Mental Health Services - Children (368K Excel) Outpatient Services Inpatient Services All Others Family Support Services (ADDITIONAL DETAIL) Texas Integrated Funding Initiative (ADDITIONAL DETAIL) New Generation Medications (ADDITIONAL DETAIL) All Other Medications (ADDITIONAL DETAIL) Medication Related Services (ADDITIONAL DETAIL)
02.02.03 Community Mental Health Crisis Services (282K Excel) Residential Services Outpatient Services Competency Restoration Screening and Eligibility Other
02.02.04 NorthSTAR Behavioral Health Waiver (296K Excel) Medicaid Per Member Per Month Indigent Per Member Per Month All Other New Generation Medications (ADDITIONAL DETAIL) All Other Medications (ADDITIONAL DETAIL) Medication Related Services (ADDITIONAL DETAIL)
02.02.05 Substance Abuse Prevention, Intervention and Treatment (247K Excel) Substance Abuse Prevention Substance Abuse Intervention Substance Abuse Treatment Substance Abuse Grant Monitoring
02.02.06 Develop a Statewide Program to Reduce the Use of Tobacco Products (280K Excel) Smokeless Tobacco Use Prevention School-Base Prevention Services Tobacco Prevention Grant Program Statewide Tobacco Prevention Program Other
02.03.01 EMS & Trauma Care Systems (65K Excel)
02.03.02 FQHC Infrastructure Grants (63K Excel)
02.03.03 Indigent Health Care Reimbursement (UTMB) (61K Excel)
02.03.04 County Indigent Health Care Services (62K Excel)
03.01.01 Texas Center for Infectious Disease (62K Excel)
03.01.02 South Texas Health Care System (62K Excel)
03.01.03 Mental Health State Hospitals (315 K Excel) Inpatient Hospital Services New Generation Medications All Other Medications Off-Campus Medical Care (non-card) Administration All Other
03.02.01 Mental Health Community Hospitals (194K Excel) Inpatient Hospital Services Research and Education All Other
04.01.01 Food (Meat) and Drug Safety (247K Excel) Food Safety Meat Production Inspection Drug and Medical Devices All Other
04.01.02 Environmental Health (277K Excel) Asbestos Lead-Based Paint Activity Environmental Health-Other Community Sanitation All Other
04.01.03 Radiation Control (62K Excel)
04.01.04 Health Care Professionals (62K Excel)
04.01.05 Health Care Facilities (62K Excel)
04.01.06 Texas Online (60K Excel)
05.01.01 Central Administration (73K Excel)
05.01.02 IT Program Support (72K Excel)
05.01.03 Other Support Services (70K Excel)
05.01.04 Regional Administration (71K Excel)
06.01.01 Laboratory (Austin) Bond Debt (61K Excel)
06.01.02 Construction Health Care Facilities: TCID (61K Excel)
06.01.05 Repair & Renovation: MH Facilities (62K Excel)
07.01.01 Office of Violent Sex Offender Management (62K Excel)
Last updated December 14, 2011