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  • BRFSS County List

    This list has been updated with the population changes from the 2010 Census.

    Click on the headings to sort the columns you want.
    Click once for Ascending values and twice for Descending values.
    It may take a little time as there are 254 counties to sort through.

  • County FIPSCode sortarrow County Name sortarrow Administration Health Region sortarrow Public Health Region sortarrow Metropolitian Statistical Area sortarrow MSA Name sortarrow La Paz Border Counties (32) sortarrow
    1AndersonHSR 4/5N PHR 4No--No
    3AndrewsHSR 9/10PHR 9No--No
    5AngelinaHSR 4/5NPHR 5No--No
    7AransasHSR 11PHR 11YesCorpus ChristiNo
    9ArcherHSR 2/3PHR 2YesWichita FallsNo
    11ArmstrongHSR 1PHR 1YesAmarilloNo
    13AtascosaHSR 8PHR 8YesSan AntonioNo
    15AustinHSR 6/5SPHR 6YesHouston-Baytown-Sugar LandNo
    17BaileyHSR 1PHR 1No--No
    19BanderaHSR 8PHR 8YesSan AntonioNo
    21BastropHSR 7PHR 7YesAustin-Round RockNo
    23BaylorHSR 2/3PHR 2No--No
    25BeeHSR 11PHR 11No--No
    27BellHSR 7PHR 7YesKilleen-Temple-Ft. HoodNo
    29BexarHSR 8PHR 8YesSan AntonioNo
    31BlancoHSR 7PHR 7No--No
    33BordenHSR 9/10PHR 9No--No
    35BosqueHSR 7PHR 7No--No
    37BowieHSR 4/5NPHR 4YesTexarkana-TXNo
    39BrazoriaHSR 6/5SPHR 6YesHouston-Baytown-Sugar LandNo
    41BrazosHSR 7PHR 7YesCollege Station-BryanNo
    43BrewsterHSR 9/10PHR 10No--Yes
    45BriscoeHSR 1PHR 1No--No
    47BrooksHSR 11PHR 11No--Yes
    49BrownHSR 2/3PHR 2No--No
    51BurlesonHSR 7PHR 7YesCollege Station-BryanNo
    53BurnetHSR 7PHR 7No--No
    55CaldwellHSR 7PHR 7YesAustin-Round RockNo
    57CalhounHSR 8PHR 8No--No
    59CallahanHSR 2/3PHR 2YesAbileneNo
    61CameronHSR 11PHR 11YesBrownsville-HarlingenYes
    63CampHSR 4/5NPHR 4No--No
    65CarsonHSR 1PHR 1YesAmarilloNo
    67CassHSR 4/5NPHR 4No--No
    69CastroHSR 1PHR 1No--No
    71ChambersHSR 6/5SPHR 6YesHouston-Baytown-Sugar LandNo
    73CherokeeHSR 4/5NPHR 4No--No
    75ChildressHSR 1PHR 1No--No
    77ClayHSR 2/3PHR 2YesWichita FallsNo
    79CochranHSR 1PHR 1No--No
    81CokeHSR 9/10PHR 9No--No
    83ColemanHSR 2/3PHR 2No--No
    85CollinHSR 2/3PHR 3YesDallas-Plano-IrvingNo
    87CollingsworthHSR 1PHR 1No--No
    89ColoradoHSR 6/5SPHR 6No--No
    91ComalHSR 8PHR 8YesSan AntonioNo
    93ComancheHSR 2/3PHR 2No--No
    95ConchoHSR 9/10PHR 9No--No
    97CookeHSR 2/3PHR 3No--No
    99CoryellHSR 7PHR 7YesKilleen-Temple-Ft. HoodNo
    101CottleHSR 2/3PHR 2No--No
    103CraneHSR 9/10PHR 9No--No
    105CrockettHSR 9/10PHR 9No--Yes
    107CrosbyHSR 1PHR 1YesLubbockNo
    109CulbersonHSR 9/10PHR 10No--Yes
    111DallamHSR 1PHR 1No--No
    113DallasHSR 2/3PHR 3YesDallas-Plano-IrvingNo
    115DawsonHSR 9/10PHR 9No--No
    117Deaf SmithHSR 1PHR 1No--No
    119DeltaHSR 4/5NPHR 4No--No
    121DentonHSR 2/3PHR 3YesDallas-Plano-IrvingNo
    123DeWittHSR 8PHR 8No--No
    125DickensHSR 1PHR 1No--No
    127DimmitHSR 8PHR 8No--Yes
    129DonleyHSR 1PHR 1No--No
    131DuvalHSR 11PHR 11No--Yes
    133EastlandHSR 2/3PHR 2No--No
    135EctorHSR 9/10PHR 9YesOdessaNo
    137EdwardsHSR 8PHR 8No--Yes
    139EllisHSR 2/3PHR 3YesDallas-Plano-IrvingNo
    141El PasoHSR 9/10PHR 10YesEl PasoYes
    143ErathHSR 2/3PHR 3No--No
    145FallsHSR 7PHR 7YesWaco MSANo
    147FanninHSR 2/3PHR 3No--No
    149FayetteHSR 7PHR 7No--No
    151FisherHSR 2/3PHR 2No--No
    153FloydHSR 1PHR 1No--No
    155FoardHSR 2/3PHR 2No--No
    157Fort BendHSR 6/5SPHR 6YesHouston-Baytown-Sugar LandNo
    159FranklinHSR 4/5NPHR 4No--No
    161FreestoneHSR 7PHR 7No--No
    163FrioHSR 8PHR 8No--Yes
    165GainesHSR 9/10PHR 9No--No
    167GalvestonHSR 6/5SPHR 6YesHouston-Baytown-Sugar LandNo
    169GarzaHSR 1PHR 1No--No
    171GillespieHSR 8PHR 8No--No
    173GlasscockHSR 9/10PHR 9No--No
    175GoliadHSR 8PHR 8YesVictoriaNo
    177GonzalesHSR 8PHR 8No--No
    179GrayHSR 1PHR 1No--No
    181GraysonHSR 2/3PHR 3YesSherman-DenisonNo
    183GreggHSR 4/5NPHR 4YesLongviewNo
    185GrimesHSR 7PHR 7No--No
    187GuadalupeHSR 8PHR 8YesSan AntonioNo
    189HaleHSR 1PHR 1No--No
    191HallHSR 1PHR 1No--No
    193HamiltonHSR 7PHR 7No--No
    195HansfordHSR 1PHR 1No--No
    197HardemanHSR 2/3PHR 2No--No
    199HardinHSR 6/5SPHR 5YesBeaumont-Port ArthurNo
    201HarrisHSR 6/5SPHR 6YesHouston-Baytown-Sugar LandNo
    203HarrisonHSR 4/5NPHR 4No--No
    205HartleyHSR 1PHR 1No--No
    207HaskellHSR 2/3PHR 2No--No
    209HaysHSR 7PHR 7YesAustin-Round RockNo
    211HemphillHSR 1PHR 1No--No
    213HendersonHSR 4/5NPHR 4No--No
    215HidalgoHSR 11PHR 11YesMcAllen-Edinburg-PharrYes
    217HillHSR 7PHR 7No--No
    219HockleyHSR 1PHR 1No--No
    221HoodHSR 2/3PHR 3YesFort Worth No
    223HopkinsHSR 4/5NPHR 4No--No
    225HoustonHSR 4/5NPHR 5No--No
    227HowardHSR 9/10PHR 9No--No
    229HudspethHSR 9/10PHR 10YesEl PasoYes
    231HuntHSR 2/3PHR 3YesDallas-Plano-IrvingNo
    233HutchinsonHSR 1PHR 1No--No
    235IrionHSR 9/10PHR 9YesSan AngeloNo
    237JackHSR 2/3PHR 2No--No
    239JacksonHSR 8PHR 8No--No
    241JasperHSR 4/5NPHR 5No--No
    243Jeff DavisHSR 9/10PHR 10No--Yes
    245JeffersonHSR 6/5SPHR 5YesBeaumont-Port ArthurNo
    247Jim HoggHSR 11PHR 11No--Yes
    249Jim WellsHSR 11PHR 11No--No
    251JohnsonHSR 2/3PHR 3YesFt. Worth-ArlingtonNo
    253JonesHSR 2/3PHR 2YesAbileneNo
    255KarnesHSR 8PHR 8No--No
    257KaufmanHSR 2/3PHR 3YesDallas-Plano-IrvingNo
    259KendallHSR 8PHR 8YesSan AntonioNo
    261KenedyHSR 11PHR 11No--Yes
    263KentHSR 2/3PHR 2No--No
    265KerrHSR 8PHR 8No--No
    267KimbleHSR 9/10PHR 9No--No
    269KingHSR 1PHR 1No--No
    271KinneyHSR 8PHR 8No--Yes
    273KlebergHSR 11PHR 11No--No
    275KnoxHSR 2/3PHR 2No--No
    277LamarHSR 4/5NPHR 4No--No
    279LambHSR 1PHR 1No--No
    281LampasasHSR 7PHR 7YesKilleen-Temple-Ft. HoodNo
    283La SalleHSR 8PHR 8No--Yes
    285LavacaHSR 8PHR 8No--No
    287LeeHSR 7PHR 7No--No
    289LeonHSR 7PHR 7No--No
    291LibertyHSR 6/5SPHR 6YesHouston-Baytown-Sugar LandNo
    293LimestoneHSR 7PHR 7No--No
    295LipscombHSR 1PHR 1No--No
    297Live OakHSR 11PHR 11No--No
    299LlanoHSR 7PHR 7No--No
    301LovingHSR 9/10PHR 9No--No
    303LubbockHSR 1PHR 1YesLubbockNo
    305LynnHSR 1PHR 1YesLubbockNo
    307McCullochHSR 9/10PHR 9No--No
    309McLennanHSR 7PHR 7YesWacoNo
    311McMullenHSR 11PHR 11No--Yes
    313MadisonHSR 7PHR 7No--No
    315MarionHSR 4/5NPHR 4No--No
    317MartinHSR 9/10PHR 9YesMidland-OdessaNo
    319MasonHSR 9/10PHR 9No--No
    321MatagordaHSR 6/5SPHR 6No--No
    323MaverickHSR 8PHR 8No--Yes
    325MedinaHSR 8PHR 8YesSan AntonioNo
    327MenardHSR 9/10PHR 9No--No
    329MidlandHSR 9/10PHR 9YesMidlandNo
    331MilamHSR 7PHR 7No--No
    333MillsHSR 7PHR 7No--No
    335MitchellHSR 2/3PHR 2No--No
    337MontagueHSR 2/3PHR 2No--No
    339MontgomeryHSR 6/5SPHR 6YesHouston-Baytown-Sugar LandNo
    341MooreHSR 1PHR 1No--No
    343MorrisHSR 4/5NPHR 4No--No
    345MotleyHSR 1PHR 1No--No
    347NacogdochesHSR 4/5NPHR 5No--No
    349NavarroHSR 2/3PHR 3No--No
    351NewtonHSR 4/5NPHR 5YesBeaumontNo
    353NolanHSR 2/3PHR 2No--No
    355NuecesHSR 11PHR 11YesCorpus ChristiNo
    357OchiltreeHSR 1PHR 1No--No
    359OldhamHSR 1PHR 1YesAmarilloNo
    361OrangeHSR 6/5SPHR 5YesBeaumont-Port ArthurNo
    363Palo PintoHSR 2/3PHR 3No--No
    365PanolaHSR 4/5NPHR 4No--No
    367ParkerHSR 2/3PHR 3YesFt. Worth-ArlingtonNo
    369ParmerHSR 1PHR 1No--No
    371PecosHSR 9/10PHR 9No--Yes
    373PolkHSR 4/5NPHR 5No--No
    375PotterHSR 1PHR 1YesAmarilloNo
    377PresidioHSR 9/10PHR 10No--Yes
    379RainsHSR 4/5NPHR 4No--No
    381RandallHSR 1PHR 1YesAmarilloNo
    383ReaganHSR 9/10PHR 9No--No
    385RealHSR 8PHR 8No--Yes
    387Red RiverHSR 4/5NPHR 4No--No
    389ReevesHSR 9/10PHR 9No--Yes
    391RefugioHSR 11PHR 11No--No
    393RobertsHSR 1PHR 1No--No
    395RobertsonHSR 7PHR 7YesCollege Station-BryanNo
    397RockwallHSR 2/3PHR 3YesDallas-Plano-IrvingNo
    399RunnelsHSR 2/3PHR 2No--No
    401RuskHSR 4/5NPHR 4YesLongviewNo
    403SabineHSR 4/5NPHR 5No--No
    405San AugustineHSR 4/5NPHR 5No--No
    407San JacintoHSR 4/5NPHR 5No--No
    409San PatricioHSR 11PHR 11YesCorpus ChristiNo
    411San SabaHSR 7PHR 7No--No
    413SchleicherHSR 9/10PHR 9No--No
    415ScurryHSR 2/3PHR 2No--No
    417ShackelfordHSR 2/3PHR 2No--No
    419ShelbyHSR 4/5NPHR 5No--No
    421ShermanHSR 1PHR 1No--No
    423SmithHSR 4/5NPHR 4YesTylerNo
    425SomervellHSR 2/3PHR 3YesFort WorthNo
    427StarrHSR 11PHR 11No--Yes
    429StephensHSR 2/3PHR 2No--No
    431SterlingHSR 9/10PHR 9No--No
    433StonewallHSR 2/3PHR 2No--No
    435SuttonHSR 9/10PHR 9No--Yes
    437SwisherHSR 1PHR 1No--No
    439TarrantHSR 2/3PHR 3YesFt. Worth-ArlingtonNo
    441TaylorHSR 2/3PHR 2YesAbileneNo
    443TerrellHSR 9/10PHR 9No--Yes
    445TerryHSR 1PHR 1No--No
    447ThrockmortonHSR 2/3PHR 2No--No
    449TitusHSR 4/5NPHR 4No--No
    451Tom GreenHSR 9/10PHR 9YesSan AngeloNo
    453TravisHSR 7PHR 7YesAustin-Round RockNo
    455TrinityHSR 4/5NPHR 5No--No
    457TylerHSR 4/5NPHR 5No--No
    459UpshurHSR 4/5NPHR 4YesLongviewNo
    461UptonHSR 9/10PHR 9No--No
    463UvaldeHSR 8PHR 8No--Yes
    465Val VerdeHSR 8PHR 8No--Yes
    467Van ZandtHSR 4/5NPHR 4No--No
    469VictoriaHSR 8PHR 8YesVictoriaNo
    471WalkerHSR 6/5SPHR 6No--No
    473WallerHSR 6/5SPHR 6YesHouston-Baytown-Surgar LandNo
    475WardHSR 9/10PHR 9No--No
    477WashingtonHSR 7PHR 7No--No
    479WebbHSR 11PHR 11YesLaredoYes
    481WhartonHSR 6/5SPHR 6No--No
    483WheelerHSR 1PHR 1No--No
    485WichitaHSR 2/3PHR 2YesWichita FallsNo
    487WilbargerHSR 2/3PHR 2No--No
    489WillacyHSR 11PHR 11No--Yes
    491WilliamsonHSR 7PHR 7YesAustin-Round RockNo
    493WilsonHSR 8PHR 8YesSan AntonioNo
    495WinklerHSR 9/10PHR 9No--No
    497WiseHSR 2/3PHR 3YesFt. Worth-ArlingtonNo
    499WoodHSR 4/5NPHR 4No--No
    501YoakumHSR 1PHR 1No--No
    503YoungHSR 2/3PHR 2No--No
    505ZapataHSR 11PHR 11No--Yes
    507ZavalaHSR 8PHR 8No--Yes

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