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Texas BRFSS Reports and Presentations

The Texas Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS) personnel write reports and gives presentations throughout the year. Some of these take an in-depth look at certain behavioral risk factors in Texas as well as data quality aspects from the BRFSS.

The files below are in either PDF formating and require Adobe Acrobat Reader or in PowerPoint (PPT) and require the PowerPoint application or viewer for viewing and printing. You can download a free copy of Acrobat Reader or PowerPoint viewer by clicking to this page.



Population-Based Assessment Tools: Turning Information Into Health - University of Texas Graduate School of Nursing presentation, Austin, TX, September 2007 (PDF)

The Texas Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System: Turning Information Into Health - Paso del Norte Health Foundation presentations, Las Cruces, NM and El Paso, TX, November 2007 (PDF)

2002-2003 BRFSS Overview (PPT)

The Demographic and Health Characteristics of the Migratory Population in Texas, 2011 BRFSS - 2013 BRFSS Conference, Atlanta, GA (PDF)


Data Quality & Methods

Who Are We Missing By Not Calling Non-Working And Business Phone Numbers? - 2009 BRFSS Conference, Atlanta, GA (PDF)

Using Self-Reported County, Self-Reported Zip Code, and Assigned County to Get a Valid County Code for Respondents - Texas, 2006 - 2008 BRFSS Conference, Orlando, FL (PDF)

Developing a Respondent Friendly Survey in a Busy World - Time Does Matter - 2007 BRFSS Conference, Decatur, GA (PDF)

Reducing Bias Through a Bimodal Data Collection in Texas - 2006 Texas Cell Phone Pilot Study - 2007 BRFSS Conference, Decatur, GA (PDF)

State Experience With Oversampling - A Focus on Geographic Oversamples - 2006 Regional BRFSS Training, Decatur, GA (PDF)


Local Health

Texas Border County BRFSS 2006 Survey Results (PDF)

2004 Falls County Health Survey (PPT)

2004 Fannin County Health Survey (PPT)

2002 Potter/Randall County Health Survey (PPT)



Eye Disease and Vision Impariment in Three States - Iowa, New York, and Texas, 2007 BRFSS - 2010 BRFSS Conference, San Diego, CA (PDF)

Local Policy Changes Using the Texas BRFSS: A Look At Smoke-Free Ordinances - 2009 BRFSS Conference, Atlanta, GA (PDF)

Obesity, Physical Activity, Fruit/Vegetable Consumption, Hispanic Ethnicity and Border Location in Texas - 2008 American Public Health Association Meeting, Sand Diego, CA (PDF)

Serious Psychological Distress in the Texas Border Region - 2008 American Public Health Association Meeting, San Diego, CA (PDF)

Human Papillomavirus (HPV) Vaccine Knowledge and Attitudes in Texas - Texas BRFSS, 2007 - 2008 Texas Public Health Association Meeting, San Antonio, TX; 2008 BRFSS Conference, Orlando, FL (PPT)

Adverse Childhood Experiences - Texas, 2002 - 2007 BRFSS Conference, Decatur, GA (PDF)

A Population-Based Assessment Tool - Turning Information Into Health: A Focus on Arthritis - Arthritis Advisory Committee Meeting, Austin, TX December 2006 (PDF)

Employee Wellness and Physical Activities Among Those Aged 18-64 Years - Texas BRFSS, 2003 (PPT)

Links to topic-specific BRFSS data reports and fact sheets throughout the Department of State Health Services:

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