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County Supply and Distribution Tables - Primary Care Physicians

2012 Physicians by County - September

2010 Physicians by County - September

2009 Physicians by County - August

2008 Physicians by County - October*

2007 Physicians by County - August

Data prior to 2007 may be available.  Please contact HPRC for more information.

Primary Care Physicians are those who indicate that they have a primary specialty of General Practice, Family Practice/Medicine, Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, Obstetrics and/or Gynecology, or Geriatrics, and are a sub-set of Direct Patient Care Physicians. Geriatrics began to be included in the primary care statistics in 2004.

* Due to changes in the methodology of the file preparation, Researchers and Faculty were counted (for the first time in 2008) if they also indicated Direct Medical/Patient Care. This resulted in approximately an additional 627 records in the Direct Patient Care file and 240 records in the Primary Care file above the usual yearly increase.

Licensing Board and Data Source

Texas Medical Board (TMB) - The TMB adopts rules for the regulation of persons wishing to practice as Physicians in Texas.

The following tables include all active and non-federal Physicians (Medical Doctors and Doctors of Osteopathy) practicing in Texas. Residents and fellows, teachers, administrators, researchers, federal, military, retired and "not-in-practice" Physicians are excluded from the supply totals. Locum Tenens physicians are also excluded.

Information regarding the education requirements, licensure requirements, and responsibilities of Physicians can be found on the website of the Texas Medical Board.

Last updated January 8, 2018