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County Supply and Distribution Tables - Veterinarians

2015 Veterinarians by County (6,903) - September

2014 Veterinarians by County (6,683) - September

2013 Veterinarians by County (6,396) - September

2012 Veterinarians by County (6,099) - February 2013

2011 Veterinarians by County (5,955) - September

2010 Veterinarians by County (5,734) - September

2009 Veterinarians by County (5,559) - September

2008 Veterinarians by County (5,125) - August

2007 Veterinarians by County (4,994) - August

Data prior to 2006 may be available.  Please contact HPRC for more information.

Licensing Board and Data Source

Texas State Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners (TSBVME) - The TSBVME adopts rules to regulate the practice of veterinary medicine by licensing and regulating Veterinarians. It also takes action against non-licensed persons who violate the Veterinary Licensing Act by practicing without a license. The Board licenses individuals by verification of their credentials and examination.

Information regarding the education requirements, licensure requirements, and responsibilities of Veterinarians can be found on the website of the Texas State Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners.

Last updated December 2, 2015