Migration for Birth

Data on migration for birth provide important information for health care workers in the public and private sectors. The Center for Health Statistics publishes the Migration for Birth report to provide information relating the counties where births take place to the counties of residence of the mothers. We report information on how hospitals and other birthing facilities are utilized by obstetrical patients. This report tabulates birth migration information for each Texas county. The Migration for Birth report is compiled with two objectives:

  • To identify areas where services are present or where Texas residents may be underserved by showing general utilization patterns of obstetrical services throughout the state.  
  • To provide specific local and regional information about potential preferences for obstetrical services by identifying where county residents are giving birth.

Migration for Birth Report, 2012 [3,657K]

Migration for Birth Report, 2011 [3,463K]

Migration for Birth Report, 2010 [3,198K]

Migration for Birth Report, 2009 [3,706K]

Migration for Birth Report, 2008 [3,258K]

Migration for Birth Report, 2007 [3,649K]

The 1998 through 2006 Migration for Birth reports in PDF format are available on request. 

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Last updated November 18, 2014