Texas Department of State Health Services, Data Sources


Center for Health Statistics (CHS) (512) 458-7261 1-866-239-7279 (Toll Free)  
     Behavioral Risk Factor Data Queries
     Health Professions Resource Center
     Healthy People Report
     Hospital Discharge Data/HMO Data
     Population Data
     Texas Health Data
     Texas Health Facts (County Fact Sheets)
     Vital Statistics
     Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance Data Queries


Infectious Disease Control Unit (IDCU) (512) 458-7676  
     Emerging & Acute Infectious Disease Branch
     Zoonosis Control Branch  


Environmental Epidemiology and Disease Registries Section (512) 458-7268
     Texas Cancer Registry, Cancer Epidemiology and Surveillance Branch (512) 458-7523
     Birth Defects Epidemiology and Surveillance Branch (512) 458-7232  
     Environmental and Injury Epidemiology and Toxicology Branch 1-800-588-1248 (Toll Free)  


HIV/STD Program (512) 533-3000  


Tobacco Prevention and Control Program (512) 419-2108 1-800-345-8647 (Toll Free)  


Kidney Health Care Program (KHC) (512) 458-7150 1-800-222-3986 (Toll Free)  


National and International Health Data Sources

National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS) 1-800-232-4636  


World Health Organization (WHO) (4122) 791-2111  

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