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Outline for Written Proposal to Include State - Added Questions on the Texas YRBS

In the interest of fairness and transparency, the Texas Youth Risk Behavior Survey (YRBS) requests that public health programs and other partners submit written proposals for adding questions to the Texas statewide YRBS. Stakeholders with interest in the survey can propose optional YRBS questions offered by CDC or questions used and tested by other state YRBS programs. The Texas YRBS program can assist in the identification of such questions. Costs for adding questions to the 2015 YRBS will be $2500 per question. The information gathered from written submissions will be used to assist the Texas YRBS coordinator, with input from the Health Surveys User Group, in planning the Texas YRBS questionnaire and related analytical products.Please attach a copy of your proposed questions or question topics along with a short response to each of the items below and send them to the Texas YRBS Progam (see below for contact).


Please attach your questions (include any instructions). YRBS program staff are available to assist you with the identification of specific questions. (See below for contact)


  1. What are the purpose(s) and goal(s) of the questions? Describe the relationship of questions to state and national public health goals and priorities: How do you expect the information you collect to impact program activities?
  2. What funding is available to support your proposed questions and when will those funds be available?
  3. Are the questions you are proposing required or requested by a funding partner such as CDC? If yes, please explain.
  4. Do you expect to add the questions to the survey at regular intervals (every cycle, every other cycle, etc.)? If yes, describe your long-term surveillance plan.
  5. What is the source of your questions?
  6. Please list any other relevant considerations regarding the proposed questions.


  1. Specify the definition for numerators and denominators. Describe your analytical plan by providing examples of graphs, tables, and statistical methods; identifying variables of interest and relevant subgroup and demographic breakdowns; and noting any special statistical or presentation considerations.
  2. Who will analyze the data (YRBS, Requesting Program, Outside Consultant)?

Written proposals should be submitted to the Texas YRBS Program (see sidebar).

Any questions or requests for technical support can be directed to Jennifer Haussler Garing (see sidebar).

Last updated December 17, 2014