County Indigent Health Care Program Directory of County Contacts

This directory has been compiled using information provided by counties, hospital districts, and public hospitals. The directory is intended to provide a point of contact within a county. The directory cannot be used to determine who is ultimately responsible for indigent health care reimbursement.

You will find situations where the indigent health care contact person is not directly employed by the entity legally responsible for indigent health care. These listings are not in error, but reflect unique local responses to Indigent Health Care Program management.

In many counties, multiple entities are responsible for indigent health care. Placing a service area description for each entity in the directory is  not feasible. When possible, a careful interview with the patient may help you determine whom to call. For example, if a county has two responsible entities, the county and a city hospital, ask the patient if he lives in the city limits. If he lives in the city limits, call the city public hospital. If the patient lives outside the city limits, call the county contact person.

The type of entity is indicated by the code above each entry:

C = County run program
HD = Hospital District
PH = Public Hospital

For a printable (pdf) version of the directory, click here. Updated 11/25/15


Last updated November 25, 2015