CMBHS Tracking

Following the release of CMBHS, the CMBHS team is tracking a number of items including system performance and user feedback.

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CMBHS Availability Report

The spreadsheets below are monthly reports on the availability/uptime of CMBHS, with the transition from biweekly to monthly reports occurring in January 2011. The vendor AlertSite measures around-the-clock availability of the application's login page from three sites around the country. This availability is a proxy measure for the application's availability, and includes both planned and unplanned downtime.

  • August 2011 (MS Excel)
    Each tab on the spreadsheet provides information for the corresponding monthly or two-week period.

CMBHS Help Desk Contacts

The following document provides information on the number of Help Desk contacts made by CMBHS users:

Open Issues


Should you have general questions or concerns about CMBHS, please contact us.

Last updated March 20, 2012