Code Enforcement Officer Registration Program Renew Your Registration - Requirements

All Code Enforcement Officers will renew their registrations on a two year cycle after January 1, 2006. Code Enforcement Officers in Training who have not completed the one year of fulltime experience required to upgrade to Code Enforcement Officer at renewal may renew their Code Enforcement Officer in Training registration only once.

All Code Enforcement Officers and Code Enforcement Officers in Training are required to report any criminal history that occurred during each renewal period.  Criminal history includes receiving deferred adjudication or being arrested, charged, or convicted of a crime other than a minor misdemeanor traffic offense.  Please note that Driving Under the Influence (DUI) and Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) are not minor traffic offenses.  Failure to report accurate criminal history may jeopardize your renewal.  

Renewal fee - Code Enforcement Officer (2 year registration): $106

Renewal fee - Code Enforcement Officer in Training (1 year registration - may only be renewed once): $53

Last updated January 23, 2014