Code Enforcement Officer Registration Program Apply for a New Registration - Upgrade

Upgrading from registered Code Enforcement Officer in Training (CIT) to registered Code Enforcement Officer (CEO) requires that you be currently registered and have one (1) year of full time experience in the field. To upgrade, submit Form E - CIT to CEO Upgrade Form.  Form E includes an updated Employer Affidavit Form, which shows your experience.

Some individuals have several months of acceptable work experience in the field of code enforcement before becoming CITs, but they do not have the full year of experience necessary to become a CEO.  CITs with previous work experience may upgrade mid-year and will pay the $20 upgrade fee.  CITs who upgrade during the month of their expiration date will pay $106.  Individuals with no previous code enforcement experience will upgrade after completing 1 year as a CIT.  Their upgrade fee will be $106 and their CEO registration will be valid for two years. 

Last updated January 23, 2014