Agenda To Orient Field Personnel to Community Assessments

1. Purpose of the Community Assessment

A) Gain quick knowledge of the health needs of a population impacted by a disaster.
B) Have data for current and future planning to mitigate the impact of disasters.

2. Organization of teams

A) 10 teams, 6 people per team
B) Epidemiologists paired with non-epidemiologists
C) Areas assigned will consider areas of interest for interviewers if possible
D) Team leaders

3. Survey instrument and methodology

4. Logistics

A) Tomorrow morning meeting time and place
B) Transportation
C) Food and water
D) Clothing
E) Name tags
F) Dress code
G) Safety (Cell phones and radios)
H) Comp time if qualified

* Modeled from the Tropical Storm Allison Investigation (June 2001). Prepared by CDC and Houston public health officials.

Last updated March 22, 2017