The Exercise Team

The Exercise Team was formed within the Division of Regional and Local Health Services, Community Preparedness Section, Preparedness Coordination Branch, to lead and be responsible for the overall development, maintenance, and defined user compliance within the Exercise and Evaluation Program. This ensures, where possible, that exercises conducted,  and documentation submitted, comply with all federal and state standards to fulfill grant requirements and to improve all-hazards capabilities. The Exercise Team is responsible for the following: 

  1. Develop, maintain, and refine the specific Exercise guidance and direction on Exercise processes, standards, formats, and reporting of exercises conducted in support of all grants and grant programs containing identified Exercise mandates or requirements;
  2. Coordinate with various program managers within DSHS Community Preparedness managing federal or state grants and other relevant programs in the development of Exercise policies, processes, formats, and reporting procedures to ensure HSEEP compliance, thereby ensuring compliance with the grant-based and/or executive-directed Exercise requirements;
  3. Provide consultative and direct support* to the enterprise agencies, stakeholders, contractors, and other state agencies in the design, development, conduct, and documentation of Exercises and reporting of actual responses and incidents;
  4. Provide or coordinate the availability of training in all aspects of Exercise design, conduct, evaluation, documentation, and reporting for agency, stakeholder, or contractor personnel charged with Exercise responsibilities within their respective organizations.

*Direct communication with the Exercise Team is encouraged. Please email

This is a shared mailbox, which all team members share by region.

Exercise Guidance


Documents for Exercise Reporting

These exercise documents replace all issued previously.  These will be reviewed quarterly and updated as necessary.

Notification of Exercise

Once completed, submit your Notification of Exercise forms to mailbox.

Notification of Exercise 07-2010

Notification of Exercise 97-2003

Those with MS Word 2007 or newer should use Notification of Exercise 6-2012 which incorporates drop-down responses for common information, all others should use the 97-2003 version which requires each response to be typed.

        HSEEP AAR-IP Template 7-13-2015

 Template for HSEEP After-Action Report/ mprovement Plan (AAR/IP).


Multi-Year Training and Exercise Planning

Multi-Year Training and Exercise Plan Template - ver 5.0

Exercise Design and Development Assistance Tools

Exercise Needs Capacity Assessment Tool

Writing Capability-Based Exercise Objectives Manual

DSHS Exercise Planning Timeline, Discussion-based Exercises

DSHS Exercise Planning Timeline, Operation-based Exercises

DSHS Exercise Plan


Exercise Source Documents


Web Based Resources

Last updated March 7, 2017