Transition Overview

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This part of the CSHCN Services Program website is about times of transition or change. We are always changing. However, there are certain periods of time when the changes in our lives create specific needs. If we prepare for those times and those specific needs, the transition may happen more smoothly.

One time of transition is the change from childhood to adulthood. During this time of maturing, teens and young adults need information about the changes occurring in their bodies and how those changes affect their health care. It is important that the physician and other health care providers discuss these issues with their young clients. For example, teens and young adults may need to change from a doctor who treats children to a doctor who treats adults. Also, it is important for teens and young adults to learn the skills they need to manage their own health care as they mature. These include skills in health promotion and prevention of illness as well as treatment and management of disease and disability.

During this time, transitions are also occurring in areas other than health care. These transitions may include transitions from school to work and from living with family to living independently. The CSHCN Services Program published a series of articles about the different stages of transition in its Newsletter for Families. You can access the articles below.

Transition Series Articles (1.5 MB, PDF)

Last updated December 9, 2015