Council on Sex Offender Treatment Treatment of Sex Offenders - Risk Factors and Warning Signs

Risk Factors and Warning Signs to Re-offense (Hanson, 2000)

The following are a few of the risk factors and warning signs exhibited by sex offenders prior to committing a new sexual offense:

  • The offender does not understand they are at risk.
  • The offender has little or no support systems.
  • The offender regards sex as an entitlement.
  • The offender has access to potential victims.
  • The offender is not compliant or cooperative with supervision or treatment.
  • The offender is hostile and angry.
  • The offender is using drugs or alcohol.
  • The offender is persistently in denial and blames the victim for the crime. In the 2000 Hanson and Harris study, of 208 sex offenders who committed a new sex crime, the first three listed above were the top three risk factors shown in the month before the sex offenders committed a new offense.
Last updated April 5, 2010