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Texas Diabetes Council Best Practices Award:

Honoring Innovations in Diabetes Care

Texas Diabetes CouncilThe Texas Diabetes Council (TDC) is seeking applicants (individual providers, collaboratives & coalitions, clinic systems or health benefit plans) that have demonstrated improvements in clinical outcomes.  Specifically, the Council wishes to know about creative and innovative interventions and/or programs that enhance diabetes care in a clinic setting or in a healthcare delivery system.  We encourage you to apply regardless of the size of your practice/operation.

If accepted, your intervention will be profiled in "Texas Diabetes, The Newsletter of the Texas Diabetes Council."  You may be invited to share information and present your program successes at a quarterly Council meeting.

Please complete the application provided below, including contact information.  In the event that we have questions or wish to obtain additional details, we will use this information to reach you.

If you have any questions about the application process, please contact the Texas Diabetes Program Nurse Consultant at 512-458-7111, ext. 6122, or toll-free: 888-963-7111, ext. 6122. 

Application Form

» Texas Diabetes Council Best Practices Award Application (Word Document, 59 kb, viewing information)

» Texas Diabetes Council Best Practices Award Scoring Tool (Word Document, 29 kb, viewing information)


Last updated February 11, 2011