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Diabetes Self Management

Diabetes CareTake Charge of Your Diabetes

All people with diabetes need to be actively involved in managing it. Do you know what tests you need to take care of your health? If you have diabetes, the information below will help you keep track of the basic tests you need and how often you need them. It will also help you record and remember the results of these tests.

Note: You may require other tests that are not listed.

Basic Guidelines for Diabetes Care

Discuss these issues with your diabetes care provider and keep track of your results.

Print this page to use for tracking, or contact the Texas Diabetes Council at (512) 458-7490 for a wallet-size copy of the Diabetes Health Record. A downloadable PDF version of the Health Record can be found on the patient education materials order page (Title: Diabetes Health Record (Diabetes Card) Catalog #10-25 and 10-25A)


Guidelines for Diabetes Care Date of Visit Date of Visit Date of Visit Date of Visit
Weight (every visit)
Target: BMI less than 25

Blood Pressure (every visit)
Target: less than 130/80

Check blood sugar records (every visit)


  • Fasting 100 or less
  • 2 hours after meal 140 or less


A1c (every 3-6 months) blood test to measure past 3 months blood sugar


(every year)

Target: less than 150
HDL Cholesterol
(every year)

Target: More than 40

LDL Cholesterol
(every year)

Target: less than 100
(less than 70 with heart disease)


Urine kidney tests
a) Microalbumin

  • Type 2 - every year
  • Type 1 - after 5 years from diagnosis, then every year
  • Target: less than 30

b) GFR - ask doctor

Dental Inspection
(as needed)
Dental Exam
(every 6 months)

Foot Inspection (every visit)

Foot Exam
(every year)
Dilated Eye Exam
(every year)
Medical Nutrition Therapy
(initial & as doctor recommends)
Lifestyle Counseling
(physical activity, nutrition, alcohol reduction & tobacco cessation)
Diabetes Education
(initial & as doctor recommends)


Adult Immunizations (Record date received)

  • Flu Shot (every year)
  • Tetanus, diphtheria, pertussis (every 10 years)
  • Pneumonia vaccine (ages 19-64, 1-2 times) (age 65 or older, once)
  • Zoster(Shingles) vaccine (age 60 or older, once)
  • Hepatitis vaccine - ask doctor

Childhood Immunization - ask doctor



The Texas Diabetes Council has partnered with the Coalition for Safe Community Needle Disposal to protect the public from the potential hazards that unsafe disposal practices present. More information on the Coalition is available at http://www.safeneedledisposal.org/. To download new recommendations from the Environmental Protection Agency that explain disposal options, click here (PDF, 1.2 mb, viewing information).


Last updated July 29, 2010