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Diabetes Newsletter


Publication Number: E45-11004

Texas Diabetes, the Newsletter of the Texas Diabetes Council, features the programs and activities of the Texas Diabetes Council and the Diabetes Prevention and Control Branch at the Texas Department of State Health Services.  Articles focus on topics of interest to healthcare professionals who assist patients with diabetes management.  Please send news and information to:

Texas Diabetes Newsletter
Texas Diabetes Prevention and Control Branch
Texas Department of State Health Services MC 1965
P.O. Box 149347
Austin, Texas 78714-9347
Phone: (512) 458-7490
Fax: (512) 458-7408

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Spring 2018 (PDF 407kb)

  • DiabetesInTexas.org / DiabetesInTexas.com
  • Community Diabetes Education Program Membership Improves Health of Houston Texans
  • Speaking the Language of Diabetes
  • Diabetes Report Card
  • Infographic on Diabetes Self-Management Education and Support (DSMES)
  • New Heart Disease and Stroke Program Newsletter

Fall 2017 (PDF 548kb)

  • Hurricane Preparedness
  • Response, and Recovery Resources
  • Diabetes Self-Management Education Works
  • New Look for Texas Diabetes Program - Council Websites
  • National Diabetes Month: You Are the Center of Your Diabetes Care Team
  • Find Out How Diabetes Affects People in Texas
  • New Information from CDC
  • San Antonio Diabetes Resources Guide
  • Diabetes 1st Step: Live Healthy, Be Hopeful!
  • Foot Health Awareness
  • NIDDK Physical Activity Tips 

Spring 2017 (PDF 623kb)

  • TDC Recognizes Four HMOs for HEDIS® Measures Related to Comprehensive Diabetes Care
  • Diabetes Alert Day is March 28
  • Real Appeal is Helping Texas Health and Human Services Employees Lose Weight
  • 5th Annual Texas AADE Conference
  • DSHS Grand Rounds: Type 2 Diabetes Research
  • Mobile Mercado Provides Healthy Options for Texans
  • Diabetes TV: Your Health with Joan Lunden and CDC
  • Community-Clinical Linkages for the Prevention and Control of Chronic Diseases: A Practitioner’s Guide
  • YMCA Diabetes Prevention Program

Fall 2016 (PDF 717kb) 

  • Resources for National Diabetes Month 2016
  • Potentially Preventable Hospitalizations Diabetes Data
  • Holiday Season Eating for People with Diabetes
  • Use NDEP's 2016 School Guide to Keep Students with Diabetes Safe and Healthy
  • New NIDDK Videos on Managing Diabetes
  • Improving Blood Sugar Estimates

Summer 2016 (PDF 501kb)

  • TDC Recognizes Four HMOs for HEDIS® Measures Related to Comprehensive Diabetes Care
  • Empower Your Patients with Diabetes Self-Management Education
  • Support the National Effort to Raise Awareness of Prediabetes
  • Updated NDEP Resource Provides Tools to Improve Delivery of Diabetes Care 

Winter 2016 (PDF 467kb)

  • National Prediabetes Awareness Campaign
  • Fit2Me Support Program Helps Patients Manage Type 2 Diabetes
  • New DSME/S Joint Position Statement
  • ADA Issues New Standards of Medical Care for Diabetes
  • Communicating Risk and Benefits of Behavior Change
  • February is Heart Month
  • Breastfeeding May Help Prevent Type 2 Diabetes after Gestational Diabetes
  • CDC Diabetes Goes Social
  • Medication Adherence with Diabetes Medication

Summer 2015 (PDF 581kb)

  • Diabetes Data
  • Help Students with Diabetes Succeed
  • Highlights from AADE 2015
  • Diabetes Exemption Program for Commercial Driver’s Licenses
  • New Algorithm for Diabetes Self-management Education and Support in Type 2 Diabetes
  • New CPT Code for Billing Diabetes Prevention Program Services
  • Promoting Medication Adherence in Diabetes
  • GAME PLAN for Preventing Type 2 Diabetes: A Toolkit for Health Care Professionals and Teams
  • NIH Body Weight Planner
  • Step It Up! The Surgeon General’s Call to Action to Promote Walking and Walkable Communities
  • Abstracts Presented at National Conferences
  • Resources for National Diabetes Month 2015
  • Prevent Type 2 Diabetes Website

Spring 2015 (PDF 600kb)

  • Diabetes Alert Day is March 24, 2015
  • TDC Recognizes Four HMOs for HEDIS® Measures Related to Comprehensive Diabetes Care
  • TDC “Call to Action” for Legislative Session
  • Gestational Diabetes Prevalence Underestimated
  • Diabetes Care Articles Highlighted During the January 2015 Texas Diabetes Council Meetings
  • Diabetes Empowerment Education Program Peer Educator Training
  • NDEP’s New Practice Transformation Resource Helps Health Care Teams Change Systems of Health Care Delivery Around Diabetes
  • NDEP Publishes Guiding Principles for the Care of People With or at Risk for Diabetes
  • NDEP’s Just One Step Tool
  • CDC Report on Use of Self-management Education and Training Programs
  • Help for Older Adults and People with Disabilities
icon_pdfPDF Fall 2013 (548kb)
  Contents:  Diabetes Tool Kit for iPad. . . National Diabetes Month 2013:  Diabetes is a Family Affair. . . National Diabetes Prevention Program Offerings in Texas. . . NDEP's Practice Transformation Resource Helps Health Care Teams Change Systems of Health Care Delivery Around Diabetes
icon_pdfPDF Summer 2012 (917kb)
  Contents:  Diabetes Tool Kit Updates. . . Regional Diabetes Quality Improvement Initiatives. . .National Standards for Diabetes Self-Management Education and Support (DSMES). . .Food Day. . .Diabetes Local Online Diabetes Resource Directory. . . National Diabetes Month - Helping People Understand How to Make Lifestyle Changes. . . Resources for Implementing the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010 - USDA Child Nutrition Programs. . .Guide for Partnering with Pharmacists. . .Health Equity Resource Toolkit to Address Obesity Disparities. . .Registries for Evaluating Patient Outcomes:  A User's Guide. . .The Patient Centered Medical Home-Closing the Gap
icon_pdfPDF Spring 2012 (492kb)
  Contents:  Texas Diabetes Transitions to E-newsletter Format . . .Changing the Course:  A Plan to Prevent and Control Diabetes in Texas 2012-13. . .State Community Diabetes Projects Announced . . .Diabetes Tool Kit Updates . . .Prediabetes and Diabetes Prevalence in Texas - Texas Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS) 2010. . .TDC Campaign Promotes Awareness of Risk Factors for Type 2 Diabetes. . .CDC Diabetes Prevention Recognition Program Launch. . .National Diabetes Prevention Program Lifestyle Coach Training. . .Upcoming Conferences and Events
icon_pdfPDF Spring 2011 (653kb)
  Contents:  HMO Recognition Program Awardees Announced . . .Texas Pregnancy Risk Assessment Monitoring System (PRAMS) Estimates of Pre-existing and Gestational Diabetes, 2004-2009. . .Texas Diabetes Advocate Elected National Chair of the Board of the American Diabetes Association. . .New Online Continuing Education Program Available through Texas Diabetes Institute - Type 2 Diabetes (T2DM):  On Demand. . .TMF Health Quality Institute Launches Initiative to Increase Hispanic and American Indian Participation in Diabetes Self Management Education. . .AHRQ Healthcare Quality Report Shows Rise in Hospital Admissions for Short Term Diabetes Complications and Decrease in Amputations. . . An Overview of Diabetes Reimbursement in a Primary Care Office. . .U.S. "Diabetes Belt" Touches Texas
icon_pdfPDF Fall 2010 / Winter 2011 (1.1mb)
  Contents:  Diabetes Prevalence Projected Through 2040. . .First State Estimates of Prediabetes Prevalence Included in Annual Diabetes Prevalence and Mortality Report:  Results of the 2009 Texas BRFSS . . .NDEP Introduces Spanish-language Road to Health Tool Kit for Educators . . .Four TDC Algorithms Revised during 2010 . . . Medicare Competetive Bidding Program Launched in Dallas Area:  Advice for Providers and Patients. . .Pan American Journal of Public Health Devotes Issue to Results of the U.S. - Mexico Border Diabetes Prevention and Control Project . . .Treating Gestational Diabetes - Opportunities for Prevention
icon_pdfPDF Summer 2010 (672kb)
  Contents: CDC, UnitedHealth Group, and YMCA Announce Plans for a National Diabetes Prevention Program . . .Texas HMOs Recognized for Comprehensive Diabetes Care . . . Type 2 Diabetes: Prevention, Intervention, Outcomes (T2DM), September 25, 2010, South Padre Island . . . Federal High Risk Pool Program Effective This Summer . . .Training and Certification of Community Health Workers in Texas . . .State Diabetes Prevalence Among Youth Estimated at 0.3% . . .Helping teens and young adults assume responsibility for managing diabetes
icon_pdfPDF Winter/Spring 2010 (487kb)
  Contents: TDC Publishes New A1c Target Range. . .Texas Diabetes Institute Announces 2010 Continuing Education Program Schedule. . .Assisting Patients Who Use Insulin in Obtaining a Commercial Driver's License. . .New Faith-based Education Resource Addresses Diabetes and Chronic Kidney Disease. . . New Web Banners for tdctoolkit.org. . .Results from the 2008 NDEP Survey of the Public's Knowledge, Attitudes, and Practices Related to Diabetes
icon_pdfPDF Fall 2009 (722kb)
  Contents: 5th Edition Diabetes Tool Kit Available Online and for Order. . .TDC Adopts New A1c Target. . .Latest Diabetes Prevalence and Mortality Data for Texas. . . New Diabetes Institute Reaches Out to South Dallas. . .Addressing Chronic Kidney Disease in the Primary Care Setting Webinar. . .TDC Launches New Web Site for Health Professionals. . .Web Videos Start Conversations About Kidney Disease with Patients
icon_pdfPDF Summer 2009 (762kb)
  Contents: TDC/Stark Diabetes Center Model of Community-based Diabetes Prevention and Control. . .Texas Lawmakers Address Diabetes Through New Legislation. . .Diabetes Care at School: Updated Guidelines for Training School Employees. . .Addressing Chronic Kidney Disease at the State Level. . ."Update in Managing Diabetes in Texas" Continuing Medical Education Program to be held in Tyler. . .TAMU/Corpus Christi Dean Appointed to TDC. . .LEANWorks! New Web Site for Employee Wellness . . .BRFSS Obesity Data
icon_pdfPDF Spring 2009 (1.3mb)
  Contents: Diabetes and the 81st Legislature . . .HMO Recognition Program. . .NDEP Tools for Community Health Workers and Asian American & Pacific Islander Communities. . .Report from the 6th Annual Diabetes Summit. . .Texas Diabetes Institute's Continuing Education Program. . .Williamson County and Nacogdoches Awarded Obesity and Chronic Disease Prevention Grants . . .Americans with Disabilities Act Amendments Act
icon_pdfPDF Winter 2009, Low Resolution (704kb), Winter 2009, High Resolution (3.3mb)
  Contents: TDC Plan to Prevent and Control Diabetes in Texas 2010-11. . .Family-focused Community Diabetes Projects Recognized . . .Dallas Diabetes Health Disparities Roundtable. . .Memorial Health System Pilot Program to Prevent Diabetes. . .6th Annual Diabetes Summit Scheduled . . .Self-Reported Pre-diabetes Estimates . . .Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans
icon_pdfPDF Fall 2008 (841kb)
  Contents: Diabetes Fact Sheet Update . . .Diabetes Burden Report. . . NDEP Podcast Series. . .Cost of Diabetes-Related Services Under Medicaid and CHIP. . .Jefferson County Receives Medicare Screening Project Grant. . ."Ask Medicare". . .Resources for Disaster Response. . .Online Videos Teach Diabetes Basics. . .Literature Updates from the TDC. . . Medicare Diabetes and Kidney Health Project
icon_pdfPDF Summer 2008 (867kb)
  Contents: DSHS and Texas Renal Coalition launch "Love Your Kidneys" Campaign . . .San Antonio Metro Health Creates A1c Registry. . .A1C Goals and CVD Prevention. . .Systems Dynamics Modeling. . .Gallegos Recognized for Heart-Health Advocacy . . .2007 National Diabetes Fact Sheet and County Level Diabetes Estimates. . .Best Practices Award. . .Appointment of Chronic Kidney Disease Task Force
icon_pdfPDF Spring 2008 (560kb)
  Contents: New education video for law enforcement. . .Council recognizes HMOs. . .Advisory Committee for Type 2 Diabetes Risk Assessment Program. . .Second Annual Seminar on Diabetes Management During a Disaster. . .TDC Promotes Diabetes Alert Day . . .Baylor College of Medicine designated an NIH Diabetes Center. . .Diabetes at Work offers CE on diabetes and depression
icon_pdfPDF Winter 2008 (629kb)
  Contents: 5th Annual Diabetes Summit. . .Intensive Insulin Protocol Improves Glycemic Control and Outcomes for ICU patients. . .New TDC Members Appointed. . .Gateway Community Health Center Trains Community Health Workers. . .NDEP Materials for Asians/Pacific Islanders. . .AHRQ Publishes Summary Guides on Diabetes Medications.
icon_pdfPDF Fall 2007 (880kb)
  Contents: Diabetes Fact Sheet update. . .Gonzalez Appointed TDC Chair. . .Community Diabetes Projects Announced. . .Consequences of Pre-Diabetes . . .Delivery System Redesign . . .New Eye Disease Brochures Available. . . 4th Edition of the Diabetes Tool Kit . . .World Diabetes Day. . .DiabetesAtWork
icon_pdfPDF Summer 2007 (372kb)
  Contents: Update on the 80th Legislature . . .Outgoing TDC Members Acknowledged . . .2005 Community Diabetes Survey. . .US-Mexico Border Diabetes Forum. . .2006 Survey of Texas Insurance Plans. . .Improving Food Choices Under the Federal Food Stamp Program. . .Avoiding HBV Infection
icon_pdfPDF Winter / Spring 2007 (990kb)
  Contents: State Plan for 2008-09. . . .Diabetes-related Bills for the 80th Texas Legislature. . . Partnership for a Healthy Texas. . .Challenge to Improve Flu Vaccination. . . .Resource Guide for Assessing Physical Activity and Adiposity in Children. . .Diabetes Fact Sheet. . . Amarillo CME Program . . .Chronic Kidney Disease on the Rise. . .Intensive Care Insulin Orders
icon_pdfPDF Fall 2006 (2mb)

Contents: "Be S.A.F.E. from Diabetes" in South Texas. . . .TDC Medical Professionals Advisory Committee Announces New Members . . . Gateway Community Health Center Expands . . .Time Analysis of Average Clinic Visit for Patients with Diabetes . . .New Version of Texas Diabetes Tool Kit Available. . .SEARCH for Diabetes in Youth Study . . .Diabetes and Disasters . . .Texas Diabetes Summit Held in San Antonio . . .Governor Appoints New Council Members

icon_pdfPDF Summer 2006 (1.2mb)
  Contents: Decreasing the Increase in End-Stage Renal Disease . . .Culturally Competent Care . . . Nerve Decompression and Diabetic Neuropathy . . .Hospital Costs for Diabetes . . .Border Counties Lead State in Amputations . . .Healthy People 2010 Targets for Diabetes Preventive Services . . .Plan for the Prevention of Obesity
icon_pdfPDF Spring 2006 (1.6mb)
  Contents: Six Texas HMOs exceed average scores for comprehensive diabetes care . . .TDC patient education materials refreshed for spring . . .Lufkin Diabetes Summit . . .Texas Diabetes Program releases diabetes fact sheet . . .North Texas school bus driver saves life of student with diabetes . . .GovDelivery . . .Video helps police identify diabetes emergencies . . .Tips for storing insulin. . .New Beginnings . . .Make the Kidney Connection
Winter 2006 (1.2mb)
Contents: Texas observes Diabetes Month. . .CDC Releases 2005 Fact Sheet. . . Council to recognize HMO performance. . .Screening for type 2 in kids. . .Prairie View A&M Cooperative Extension expands diabetes outreach. . .AACE Striving for Better Control of A1c. . .Screening for overweight children . . .National Hispanic/Latino Diabetes Forum. . . Older adults given Power to Control Diabetes
Summer 2005 (501kb)
Contents: Diabetes and the 79th Texas Legislature . . .PBS series looks at better patient care. . . How societal trends affect childhood. . .What Medicare Modernization means for diabetes . . .Travel tips for people who have diabetes
Spring 2005 (1.4mb)
Contents: TDC partners with Coalition for Safe Community Needle Disposal . . .79th Texas Legislature considers diabetes bills . . . Equipment, supplies, medication, and self-management training: What's covered?. . .Customized professional education
Winter 2005 (1.6mb)
Contents: Diabetes on the US-Mexico border. . .79th Legislature . . .Disease management for Medicaid patients. . .HHS takes action on diabetes. . .A closer look at childhood obesity. . .Diabetes and distress
Fall 2004 (976kb)
Contents: New funds support child health . . .Adiposity or inactivity-Which predicts diabetes?. . .NDEP targets the diabetes team. . .Survey shows need for culture-based prevention
Summer 2004 (633kb)
Contents: High cost of obesity . . .insulin resistance in pediatric patients . . . Texas diabetes facts . . . diabetic retinopathy . . . blood pressure climbing in youth
Spring 2004 (751kb)
Contents: Texas Round-Up . . .new diabetes video . . . lifetime risk for diabetes . . .Medicare, Medicaid revises definition of diabetes. . .OPRA. . . school health programs
Winter 2004 (647kb)
Contents: TDC approves aggressive A1C target. . .Valley collaborative. . . nurse-directed care improves outcomes. . .solitary pancreas implant. . .lose weight and keep it off . . .school health guide . . . reports on preventable hospitalizations
Summer 2003 (423kb)
Contents: New algorithms . . .Pediatric diabetes research . . . Epi update . . .Learn about disease management . . .How to manage diabetes in the workplace
Winter 2003 (162kb)
Contents: Strategic plan. . .Diabetes CME. . Legislative agenda. . .Building the team for diabetes care. . .Governor launches diabetes education initiative. . .Commission for the Blind offers treatment program. . .Vibrio vulnificus.
Summer 2002 (101kb)
Contents: Physical activity and schools. . .Diabetes CME. . .Readership survey . . .Diabetes Prevention and Control Initiative outreach . . .Public awareness for women . . .Treatment of high blood pressure . . .New diabetes algorithms . . .Kidney Health statistics . . .Medicare expands coverage of foot care and eye exams . . .Pre-diabetes. . ."Hot Topics in Diabetes Care" CME.
Summer 2001 (200kb)
Contents: The 77th Texas Legislature looks at diabetes. . .US-Mexico Border Diabetes Prevention and Control Project. . .National Cholesterol Education Program. . . Pediatric Diabetes Symposium . . .New videotape of diabetes experts
Winter 2001 (101kb)
Contents: The Texas Diabetes Council outlines it's state plan for 2002/2003 . . .Type 2 Diabetes in Children and Adolescents . . .Texas Diabetes Fact Sheet 2001 . . . Afternoon blood tests may miss diabetes . . .Managed Care Work Group reorganizes . . .Diabetes Pilot Program to accept Bexar County enrollees through June 2001
Issue Archives

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