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Insurance - Standards of Care

Insurance The Texas Diabetes Council has taken an active role in helping determine the standards which providers of health insurance should meet regarding the health care needs of Texans with diabetes.

In 1995, the Diabetes Council convened representatives of major managed care organizations, employer organizations, grocery/pharmacy chains, pharmaceutical companies, medical schools and government agencies to form the Managed Care Work Group. The Group developed minimum standards of care and education that should be followed when treating patients who have diabetes.

In 1997, the Texas Legislature passed Senate Bill 162 requiring the Insurance Commissioner, in consultation with the Texas Diabetes Council, to develop minimum standards for health care benefits provided to people who have diabetes. In addition, Senate Bill 163 required health benefit plans that pay for treatment of diabetes and associated conditions to cover the cost of diabetes equipment, supplies, and self-management training programs. A year later, the Diabetes Council supported adoption of rules by the Texas Department of Health which provide coverage of diabetes testing supplies to all Medicaid recipients.

Insurance links to the left provide information on organizations in the state which monitor the performance of health plans and providers in regard to meeting basic standards for diabetes care.

Last updated May 19, 2010