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National Prediabetes Awareness Campaign

Support the National Effort to Raise Awareness of Prediabetes

1 in 3 Adults in America have prediabetes and are at risk for serious health consequences
An estimated 37% of adults in Texas have prediabetes


The American Diabetes Association (ADA), American Medical Association (AMA), and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have recently partnered with the Ad Council on the first national prediabetes awareness campaign. The campaign is designed to help people learn their risk and take steps to reverse the condition. The message is simple but strong: no one is excused from prediabetes. The campaign encourages people to take a short online test at DoIHavePrediabetes.org to learn their risk for prediabetes. The website features lifestyle tips and connects visitors to the CDC-led National Diabetes Prevention Program.

How You Can Help

Get Social: prediabetesCampaignVideos

  • Promote the campaign to your followers (Facebook, Twitter, etc.): encourage them to take the prediabetes risk test and make lifestyle changes to help reverse the condition.
  • Example: It takes less than one minute to find out if you have prediabetes. Visit DoIHavePrediabetes.org to know where you stand.
  • Link: Check out all of the social media resources here: Prediabetes Social Toolkit.
  • How You Can Help handout (PDF 145kb)

Community Activation Ideas:

  • Distribute materials (posters, risk test flyers and postcards) to healthcare providers, local conferences, community centers, and at events.
  • Encourage attendees to take the risk test and engage in the campaign SMS program by texting RISKTEST or EXAMEN to 97779 (for English and Spanish, respectively).

Digital Promotion:

  • Support the campaign’s web banners on your website. PSAs can be accessed through PSACentral.org.
  • Show your support for the campaign by linking to DoIHavePrediabetes.org on your webpage.
  • Engage your community online by promoting and hosting a #PrediabetesChat using the provided prediabetes Twitter chat script.

Engage Employees/Co-workers:

  • Include posters and risk test flyers (prediabetes test in English PDF and prediabetes test in Spanish PDF) in breakrooms, kitchens/cafeterias, or in other places where employees gather.
  • Promote the texting program to employees through email newsletters, including links to PSA content and the campaign website DoIHavePrediabetes.org.
  • Host an office hour where employees can stop by a conference room to learn more about the campaign and take the short risk assessment test on a computer or mobile device.
  • Encourage employees to know where they stand by taking the prediabetes risk test through the campaign mobile program. Employees can text RISKTEST to 97779 to take the short test over the phone or mobile device.

Event and On-Site Engagement:

  • Incorporate campaign PSAs into event programs:
    • Host a viewing of the TV PSAs.
    • Feature posters and flyers as part of event collateral.
  • Incorporate campaign messaging into speaking opportunities:
    • Include campaign talking points (PDF 423kb) to spread the word about the campaign and PSAs.
    • Highlight stats about prediabetes and the urgency and importance at a local level.
    • Lead an in-person Q & A session about prediabetes and tips on how it can be reversed.
  • Set up an on-site Risk Test Booth:

The DSHS does not provide printed materials for the National Prediabetes Awareness Campaign resources listed on this page.

Last updated February 9, 2016