Enforcement Actions - Environmental Lead Program

Suspension Orders Signed by the Assistant Commissioner Division for Regulatory Services

Name License # Location Violation Disciplinary Action Final Enforcement Date
JGG Integrated Construction LLC 2110362 

220 Avondale
San Antonio, TX

295.214(d) – Failure to notify prior to the original or amended start and/or stop date

Administrative Penalty: $250.00

Alfred Torres dba R&A Building Specialists

5617 Bonsrell St
Houston, TX

§295.212(d)(5)(A) Failure to prepare a proper written occupant protection plan
Administrative Penalty: $500
Ortho Construction/Renovation Company, Inc.
2110045Al McGee Residence
3013 Delia Street, Houston, Texas 
§295.214(d) – Failure to submit an amended lead abatement notification Administrative Penalty: $1,000
Last updated November 14, 2017