FY16 Uncompensated Trauma Care Funding Application

The Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) Office of EMS and Trauma Systems Coordination (OEMS/TS) is pleased to announce that the application needed to apply for the fiscal year (FY) 2016 Designated Trauma Facilities and Emergency Medical Services (DTF/EMS) Account - Hospital Allocation may be accessed at the link below.  Additionally, the application information was emailed to all designated and “in active pursuit” hospitals with emailed copies provided to the Trauma Coordinator/Trauma Program Manager.

Please note: The additional Excel document (Part C) must be submitted with the application.

To be eligible for the FY16 hospital allocation a hospital must be a designated trauma facility by the application due date or meet “in active pursuit of trauma designation” requirements by the application due date. The application must be emailed per instructions in the application no later than January 29, 2016.

“In active pursuit” requirements:

  • Submit a letter of intent to designate as a trauma facility
  • Submit a “timely and sufficient” trauma designation application (with fee);
  • Submit evidence of data submitted to the State EMS/Trauma Registry;
  • Submit evidence of participation in the appropriate Regional Advisory Council; and
  • Provide evidence that a hospital trauma performance improvement committee has been developed.

FY16 funds will be distributed in the following manner:

  • Fifteen percent of the total amount of funds available for the Hospital Allocation will be divided equally among all eligible applicants.
  • The remaining 85% of the Hospital Allocation funds will be distributed to eligible hospitals based on the percentage of uncompensated trauma care a hospital provides in relation to the total uncompensated care provided by all the eligible hospitals that apply for the Hospital Allocation.

The trauma care funding program enacted by House Bill (HB) 3588, 78th Texas Legislature, stipulates that 96% of the funds accumulated in the DTF/EMS Account be distributed to eligible Texas hospitals to reimburse a portion of their uncompensated trauma care. Since the inception of the account in 2003, OEMS/TS distributed approximately $698,665,481 from the DTF/EMS Account to approximately 285 eligible Texas hospitals to reimburse a portion of their uncompensated trauma care provided. All eligible hospitals that applied received a minimum of $11,686 in FY 2004, $29,596 in FY 2005, $34,132 in FY 2006, $28,853 in FY 2007, $42,831 in FY 2008, $42,165 in FY 2009, $40,362 in FY 2010, $37,250 in FY 2011, $29,021.59 in FY 2012, $28,699 in FY 2013, $27,719.52 in FY 2014, and $28,013.70 in FY 2015.

For questions or additional information regarding “in active pursuit of trauma designation” requirements, please contact Elizabeth Stevenson (512/ 834-6794 or elizabeth.stevenson@dshs.state.tx.us).

FY16 Uncompensated Trauma Care Funding Application (Word, 125KB)

FY16 Addendum Data Template (Excel, 48KB) 

FY16 Q&A for Uncompensated Trauma Care Funding Application (PDF, 151KB)

Last updated October 1, 2015