Documents for July 29, 2002,
GETAC Strategic Planning meeting

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Below is a list of agendas and documents that will be discussed at the July GETAC Strategic Planning meeting in Austin. Copies of documents for the meetings will not be available at the meetings, so please download and bring these documents with you to Austin. The meetings will be held at TDH's central campus.



Draft of Strategic Plan (07/19/02)

Other documents:

Strategic Plan Workshop held in May
Strategic Planning Documents  

Draft Strategic Plan for Texas EMS/Trauma Systems

EMS/Trauma System Strategic Planning Development Document - Process/Timeline

Memo to EMS Stakeholders regarding National Registry Implementation and Rollout Dates

Interim Specialty Care Transport Policy

Bureau Telemarketing Statement

Frequently Asked Questions: TRAC-IT Project, EMS Reporting Rules and Name Reporting

Draft final Board of Health adoption packet  for §157.38 - Continuing Education

Draft revised §157.40 Licensed Paramedic


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