Documents for October 27, 2003, GETAC Trauma Systems Committee meeting


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Below is a list of agendas and documents that will be discussed at the October GETAC Trauma Systems Committee meeting in Austin. Copies of document(s) for the meeting will not be available at the meetings, so please download and bring these document(s) with you to Austin. The meeting will be held at TDH's central campus.


Trauma Committee

Other documents:

Legend for Draft Rules
§157.122 Trauma Service Areas
§157.123 Regional Emergency Medical Services/Trauma Systems

Texas Regional EMS/Trauma Systems Essential Criteria

§157.125 Requirements for Trauma Facility Designation

Level III Trauma Facility Essential Criteria

Level III Trauma Facility Standards

Level III Trauma Facility Audit Filters

Level IV Trauma Facility Essential Criteria

Level IV Trauma Facility Standards

Level IV Trauma Facility Audit Filters

§157.128 Denial, Suspension, and Revocation of Trauma Facility   Designation

§157.129 State Trauma Registry

§157.130 EMS and Trauma Care System Account and EMS, Trauma Facilities, and Trauma Care System Fund

§157.131 (3588) Designated Trauma Facility and EMS Account


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