Documents for January 25-27, 2008 GETAC Strategic Planning Retreat

Below is the agenda and a list of documents that will be discussed at the GETAC retreat at the YO Ranch Conference Center in Kerrville.

Due to the importance of the documents, the Office is posting documents as they are ready, to give stakeholders as much time as possible for review. Keep checking this website for updates. All documents will be on this website no later than January 15, 2008



Friday, January 25, 2008
Saturday, January 26, 2008
Sunday, January 27, 2008


Other documents:

GETAC Member List

GETAC Procedural Rules (Revised 2006)

A Strategic Plan for Texas/EMS Trauma System: December 2002

Texas Health and Safety Code, Title IX, Chapter 773, Section 773.012-Advisory Council

EMS & Trauma Regulatory Structure Task Force final report 8-24-2007

Senate Bill 330, 79th Legislature, 2005

GETAC Responsibilities: Senate Bill 330, 79th Legislature, 2005

State Emergency Medical Services System: A Model (December 2007)


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