Information about EMS Examinations

Welcome.  This information is to assist you in scheduling your EMS certification or licensing exam. All testing for ECA, EMT, EMT-I and paramedic certification/licensure will be done through National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians at Pearson VUE testing sites.

What should everyone know about computer-based testing (CBT)?

  • All education programs and students must register with NREMT. The NREMT web address is
  • EMS students taking an EMS instructor course should call a local DSHS EMS field office to arrange EMS instructor exams.
  • Pearson VUE is a separate entity that has an agreement with NREMT to give the exams. The Authorization to Test (ATT) is your permission slip to contact Pearson VUE to schedule your exam.
  • DSHS no longer requires course completion rosters at the ECA and EMT levels. Coordinators should issue students an individual course completion certificate; these will be audited as needed by DSHS.
  • The ECA and EMT practical (skills) testing are done within the education course. National Registry representatives are still needed for advanced practical exams.
  • Be sure you have the program name and program number assigned to your registration program by NREMT before scheduling an exam.

What should EMS students know about CBT?

  • EMS students must create an account with NREMT (see page 21). Once the account is established, they can apply for registration and testing. Once the student's education program verifies course completion, they will get an Authorization to Test (ATT) that will allow the student to schedule with Pearson VUE.
  • If you do not show for an exam, you must file another application and pay another fee. Candidates can change an appointment, but each candidate must contact Pearson VUE directly to cancel or change an appointment to test. This must occur no less than 24 hours prior to the scheduled appointment or the candidate will be charged for the exam.
  • If you started with a paper-and-pencil exam and must retest by computer-based testing, your number of attempts start back at one with the computer-based test. All of the other eligibility requirements and rules must be followed.
  • Students must have two forms of identification when they go to the test center (examples: driver's license and credit/debit card; driver's license and Social Security card; passport and credit/debit card; or passport and Social Security card).
  • Candidates who do not pass the exam will be able to reschedule another exam 14 days after an unsuccessful attempt, which is sooner than with pencil-and-paper examinations.

What about Texas EMS renewal candidates who choose the written exam option?

  • This option is still available. This assessment exam will be a CBT exam as well. We will use an exam developed for DSHS by NREMT and will follow the same process for the other CBT exams.
  • When you create your account, you will choose assessment exam.
  • Exam results will be reported directly to DSHS.
  • There is a very good video with step by step instructions for applying online for the NREMT test.  This video can be found at the bottom left hand corner of the NREMT Computer-Based Testing page or call the NREMT at (614) 888-4484.
  • NREMT fFrequesntly asked questions
  • Steps to apply for the NREMT exam

What should the EMS instructor students know about CBT?

  • DSHS is in the process of going forward with recommendations from GETAC on using the 2002 EMS Instructor Curriculum.
  • EMS students taking an EMS instructor course will call a local DSHS EMS field office to arrange EMS instructor exams.
  • This is a paper-and-pencil exam.

What should the EMS course coordinators/educators know about CBT?

Who do I contact if I have questions?

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For instructor or coordinator testing, please contact your local DSHS field office for scheduling.


Last updated May 19, 2014