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For Engineering and Administrative Recommendations for Water Fluoridation go to:

http://www.cdc.gov/mmwr/PDF/RR/RR4413.pdf "pdf"

Visit the Texas Commission on Environmnetal Quality website at http://tceq.state.tx.us

Other useful information for operators

Downloadable Fluoride Calculation Form

Operator Manual on Fluoridation Procedures "pdf" (843.6KB)

How to Neutralize Acid Leaks and Spills "pdf" (55.6KB)

General Specifications for Bulk Tank Storage "pdf" (102KB)

Equipment Specification for Fluorosilicic Acid Systems "pdf"(116.3 KB)

Fluoridation System Technical Requirements"pdf"(68.7 KB)

Typical Liquid Feed System, Bulk Storage, Peristaltic Pump Transfer"pdf"(68.7 KB)

Typical Liquid Feed System, Bulk Storage Drum Pump Transfer "pdf"(257.9 KB)

Typical Liquid Feed System, Small Bulk Storage "pdf"  (277.6 KB)

Typical Liquid Feed System, Carboy Storage"pdf" (278.4 KB)

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Last updated March 24, 2016