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About Grand Rounds

John Hellerstedt2
John Hellerstedt, MD, DSHS Commissioner, and Grand Rounds Executive Sponsor

Each stop on the DSHS Grand Rounds learning journey is an opportunity to expand your knowledge and skills in the science and practice of behavioral and population-based health. The series of free scholarly presentations support workforce development at the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) by encouraging a culture of learning and the integration of evidence into practice.

Grand Rounds is open to any interested learner, including DSHS employees, Health and Human Services Enterprise employees, employees from other state health departments, and community partners from local health departments, community health centers, mental health centers, substance abuse centers, and university staff and faculty. All are encouraged to participate and free continuing education credit is available for many professions.

Grand Rounds began in September 2008 as a pilot program to showcase DSHS research and practice initiatives. The goal was to provide the workforce of DSHS with opportunities for education that support and enhance the work they do for the agency. It also provided an opportunity to engage in intellectual discussions with the leaders and experts of DSHS. Feedback from participants is crucial to the success and improvement of Grand Rounds. For example, the Grand Rounds time slot was moved to Wednesdays at 11:00-12:30 during the Spring 2009 semester to better accommodate the work schedules of DSHS employees, particularly those in the state hospitals. Grand Rounds has continued to improve and expand by incorporating webinar technology for remote audience participation and reaching out to a growing number of audience groups.

The Grand Rounds Committee seeks out a balanced variety of topics of interest to participants. When possible, each presentation has presentation teams who are subject matter experts to present a combination of research/theory and practical application to elicit critical thinking among the participants and to integrate evidence into practice.

Grand Rounds Committee:

Please send any questions or comments to grandrounds@dshs.state.tx.us.

Executive Sponsor:
John Hellerstedt, MD, DSHS Commissioner

Project Director:
Mary Soto, MSEd

Committee Members:

Wendy Andreades, MBA
Ryan Davis
Paige Horton
Kelli Kennedy
Carolyn Medina
Derrick Rodgers
Laura Wells, MPH

About Grand Rounds
Last updated June 22, 2016