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Texas Cardiovascular Disease and Stroke Partnership

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The Texas Cardiovascular Disease and Stroke Partnership is a network of individuals and organizations working to assess the current state of the public health infrastructure in support of heart disease and stroke prevention in Texas; determine gaps and needs within the infrastructure; to build capacity; and develop a coordinated, collaborative and comprehensive statewide plan of action to implement evidence prevention strategies to improve the quality of life among Texans.  The Partnership will advance the goals of the Texas Plan to Reduce Cardiovascular Disease and Stroke.

To participate in the Partnership, download the Partner Profile, complete and return to Brandy Lee at Brandy.Lee@dshs.state.tx.us. 

Goal Committees
The Partnership formed four standing goal committees to address the goals and objectives of the Texas Plan.

The goal committees are:

  • Strategies that Support/Reinforce Healthy Behavior - To establish and promote environments that support the prevention of heart disease and stroke through healthy eating, daily physical activity, and tobacco-free lifestyles for all Texans, with an emphasis on access to resources and priority populations 
  • Texas Million Hearts®: Community Clinical Linkages Enhancement - To promote partnership between clinical and community groups in Texas to provide enhanced coordinated patient care
  • Texas Million Hearts®: Health Systems Intervention - To promote capacity and infrastructure changes within the healthy delivery system to effectively prevent, treat and manage heart disease and stroke for all Texans
  • Surveillance and Epidemiology - To collect, analyze, and disseminate comprehensive heart disease and stroke data that are readily available to assess, monitor, and describe the burden of heart disease and stroke in Texas
    *Note: Surveillance and epidemiology is embedded in all of the State Plan objectives, in order to inform priority areas and targets.

Partnership Activities

Texas Million Hearts® Community-Clinical Linkages Enhancement developed a white paper that describes the benefit of using Community Health Workers (CHWs) to improve hypertension control using data identified. 

Download the white paper, here.

Texas, Check Your Blood Pressure Week - The purpose of this initiative is to highlight organizations' and communities' work related to hypertension. Our goal is to increase awareness of hypertension and related risk factors, and promote partnership between community and clinical partners to improve the effective prevention, treatment and management of hypertension in Texas.  

May 1-6 Check your bloodpressure week  

Resource Available 

Hypertension Presentation           

To request a copy of the hypertension presentation, contact Brandy Lee at Brandy.Lee@dshs.state.tx.us

Texas Plan to Reduce Cardiovascular Disease and Stroke (fourth Edition) - The Plan provides an overview of the current state of cardiovascular disease and stroke in Texas and identifies priority objectives for organizations to incorporate into their strategic plan.  The plan includes summary findings from the heart disease and stroke prevention system assessment, as well as information on mortality, morbidity, prevalence, and related risk factors. A copy of the Plan is available for download, here.


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Become a Member

Are you interested in joining a network implementing strategies to reduce heart disease and stroke in the state of Texas? Complete the Texas Cardiovascular Disease and Stroke Member Profile and email your information or print the form and fax or mail to: 

Brandy Lee, CHES
Texas Heart Disease and Stroke Program
Health Promotion and Chronic Disease Prevention
Texas Department of State Health Services
P.O. Box 149347, MC 1945
Austin, TX 78714-9347 

Last updated July 25, 2017