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    Phone: (512) 533-3000

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    E-mail data requests to HIV/STD Program - This email can be used to request data and statistics on HIV, TB, and STDs in Texas. It cannot be used to get treatment or infection history for individuals, or to request information on programs and services. Please do not include any personal, identifying health information in your email such as HIV status, Date of Birth, Social Security Number, etc.

    For treatment/testing history, please contact your local Health Department.

    For information on HIV testing and services available to Persons Living with HIV and AIDS, please contact your local HIV services organization.

13th Texas HIV-STD Conference Supporters

Red Ribbon Champion

Glaxo Wellcome
Arlington, Texas
Contact: Lynne Baker
Glaxo Wellcome is an international research and development pharmaceutical company that promotes the exchange of promotional, educational, and informational materials for HIV and the treatment of HIV with Ziagen, Combivir, Epivir, Retrovir and Mepron, which are used by HIV/STD professional staff.

Red Ribbon Patron

Serono Laboratories
Norwell, Massachusetts
Contact: Kevin Cast
Visit Serono's booth for information about the treatment of AIDS wasting or cachexia. AIDS wasting is one of the indicators of the progression of HIV infection to AIDS. It is important to recognize that the outward symptoms of wasting may be masked and to be aware of the potential benefits of Serono's programs and services.

Red Ribbon Benefactors

DuPont Pharmaceuticals Company
Poteet, Texas
Contact: Larry M. McIntyre
Pharmaceuticals, HIV treatment

Roche Laboratories
Dripping Springs, Texas
Contact: Mark Gude
Roche Labs is a pharmaceutical company and the manufacturers of Fortovase/Cytovene/HIVID.

Red Ribbon Friends

Agouron Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
La Jolla, California
Contacts: JayDee Fredrickson and Tim Melancon
Agouron Pharmaceuticals is an integrated pharmaceutical company committed to the discovery, development, manufacturing and marketing of innovative therapeutic products engineered to inactivate proteins that play key roles in cancer, AIDS and other serious diseases.

Merck and Company
Austin, Texas
Contact: Suzanne Erickson
Merck and Company, Inc. is a pharmaceutical company and the manufacturer of CRIXIVAN®.

Ortho Biotech
Houston, Texas
Contact: Laura D. Mandola, R.N.
Ortho Biotech is a pharmaceutical company and the maker of PROCRIT® for the treatment of HIV-related anemia.

Pharmacia and Upjohn
Irving, Texas
Contact: Kathy Johnson

Specialty Laboratories
Santa Monica, California
Contact: Bobette Vikan

Austin, Texas
Contact: Karen Hobson
STATSCRIPT Pharmacy provides local pharmacy services to people with HIV/AIDS. In twenty-six cities, our pharmacists help patients manage complex medication regimens. Each STATSCRIPT pharmacist is certified in HIV/AIDS patient care; no other national pharmacy offers that level of expertise. Mail order companies and drug store chains fall short of providing the services needed for effective therapy. We offer an alternative. Call (800) 869-6593 for location information.

Red Ribbon Buddies

Abbott Laboratories
Abbott Park, Illinois
Contact: Jackie Briggs
You are invited to visit the Abbott Laboratories exhibit where representatives will be on hand to answer your questions regarding our HIV products.

AIDS Education and Training Center for Texas and Oklahoma
Houston, Texas
Contact: Jeffrey A. Meyer
The AIDS Education and Training Center for Texas and Oklahoma (AETC) is a federally-funded project of the Health Resources and Services Administration under the Ryan White Care Act. The AETC conducts clinical training programs for physicians, physician assistants, nurses, nurse practitioners, dentists, dental hygienists, and dental assistants. The AETC also operates the AIDS Helpline for Health Professionals (1-800-548-4659), an AIDS information service for health care providers. The exhibit will display brochures describing our clinical training program and the AIDS helpline.

AIDS Services of Dallas
Dallas, Texas
Contact: Judith Powell
AIDS Services of Dallas (ASD) has offered a compassionate response to the AIDS epidemic since 1987. An operating entity of the PWA Coalition of Dallas, Inc., ASD's housing program is based on the philosophy of empowerment, is goal oriented, and encourages residents to gain control over their well-being and remain active in this pursuit. ASD serves men, women and children with HIV/AIDS and their families. In addition, ASD serves an integrated population of culturally diverse persons.

Alamo Area Resource Center
San Antonio, Texas
Contact: Katherine Crow
Alamo Area Resource Center (AARC) is the largest HIV social service organization in San Antonio. Services provided are: case management, food pantry, hot meals on-site and delivered, transportation and mental health/substance abuse counseling. The focus of the conference exhibit is Jennifer's Camp, a free, week-long camp for HIV-positive children, their siblings and caregivers. The camp brings families from Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Louisiana.

American Red Cross
Houston, Texas
Contact: Laurie Barnhill
The American Red Cross is dedicated to ensuring that the HIV/AIDS education needs of the state are met in a timely, culturally specific, and sensitive manner through collaborations, identification of prevention education gaps, and coordinating training and program activities to fill those gaps.

BTG Pharmaceuticals
Round Rock, Texas
Contact: Keith Alkek
Biotechnology General Corporation (BTG) is a pharmaceutical/biotechnology company, manufacturers of Oxandrin®, a treatment for disease-related weight loss. The focus of the exhibit will be treatment for HIV-associated weight loss.

CDC National AIDS Hotline
Research Triangle Park, North Carolina
Contact: Douglas Thomas
CDC National AIDS Hotline provides information, referrals, and literature at no cost to the caller, and is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. CDC National AIDS Hotline provides services in English, Spanish and through TTY.

CDC National Prevention Information Network
Silver Spring, Maryland
Contact: Lydia Bennett
The CDC's National Prevention Information Network (NPIN) develops, identifies, and collects information on the prevention and control of HIV, AIDS, sexually transmitted disease, and tuberculosis, and disseminates this information to groups nationwide. The NPIN features comprehensive databases housing information on community resources and services, educational materials, funding opportunities, and news summaries. Other services provided include a toll-free fax service, CDC-approved publications, a Web site, resource centers, a free fax services, and a HIV/AIDS resource service designed for businesses and labor groups.

Center for Health Policy Development, Inc. (CHPD)
San Antonio, Texas
Contact: Louis Leroy
The Center for Health Policy Development, Inc. (CHPD), a 501c3 non-profit community-based organization, addresses the health concerns of Hispanics, primarily Mexican Americans, of the Southwestern United States, by combining health professionalism, organizational change strategies, and community activism. CHPD produces exhibits consisting of bilingual (English/Spanish) materials produced by indigenous organizations and non-threatening three-dimensional displays of demographic and statistical data. Materials developed by CHPD are HIV/AIDS Familia™ Awareness pins, T-shirts, and canvas bags that project the “Cultura Cura” theme.

Center for Health Training
Austin, Texas
Contact: Lizzie Cain Clark
Center for Health Training, a private non-profit, and International Resource Group, a tax-exempt non-profit, are both affiliates of James Bowman Associates, a privately held training firm. Staff in our offices in Austin, San Francisco, and Seattle have been conducting training and technical assistance to staff of public health and other community agencies for over 20 years. Our services include: workshops and conferences, technical assistance, training products, research and evaluation, program development, and other management support services. We are funded by grants and contracts from federal and state governments and foundations. Examples of training topics: Client-Centered Counseling; Cultural Competence; Training for Trainers; Patient Education Skills; Working Effectively with Teens; Dealing with Stress, Time and Difficult People; Building and Maintaining Better Teams; Coalition Building; Supervision Skills and many more.

Channing L. Bete Company
South Deerfield, Massachusetts
Contact: Priscilla Chadwick
The Channing L. Bete Co., Inc. is a publisher of informational and educational products. We make this a healthier and better-educated world by developing a multitude of services and products that help people communicate. The publication, videos and other materials that the Channing L. Bete Company produces are synonymous with the delivery of clear, simple messages. Stop by our exhibit and pick up our most recently published booklets on HIV and STDs, as well as calendars, stickers, posters, and folders.

Conroe, Texas
Contact: Kaylee Barker
Epitope, Inc., a biotechnology company that develops and markets medical diagnostic products, is the manufacturer and distributor of OraSure® Oral HIV-1 Antibody Testing System. This specimen collection device provides samples for accurate HIV antibody testing without blood or needles. It collects the antibodies that fight human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), the virus that causes acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS). OraSure is designed to draw out HIV antibodies, not the virus, from the tissues of the cheek and gum. Unlike saliva, the OraSure specimen contains high concentrations of antibodies. OraSure is safer to administer than a blood collection because it eliminates the risks of accidental needle-stick injuries associated with handling blood or needles. In addition, collecting samples with OraSure is painless and easy for both patients and health professionals. A specially treated pad attached to a handle is placed between the lower gum and cheek for two minutes. The pad is then placed in a vial containing a preservative solution, and sent to a clinical laboratory for analysis.

ETR Associates
Santa Cruz, California
ETR Associates publishes a complete line of innovative, practical health education books, pamphlets, curricula and videos, providing youth and adults with critical health messages. Materials cover the full spectrum of health education topics, from reproductive and maternal/child health, to HIV/STD prevention, substance use prevention, injury prevention, violence prevention, self-esteem, fitness and nutrition, college age health and wellness, and patient education.

Houston Buyers Club
Houston, Texas
Contact: Fred Walters, Jr.

Immunotec Research Ltd. represented by Comprehensive Health Management Corporation
Hilton Head, South Carolina
Contact: Barbara J. Thornton, R,N., M.P.S., C.C.M.
After 18 years of research and development Immunotec Research Ltd. is proud to introduce IMMUNOCAL, a powerful and unique nutraceutical food supplement. IMMUNOCAL is patented as a method of raising and sustaining tissue glutathione levels, as a means of improving active humoral immune response and as a method of treatment for HIV seropositive individuals and a treatment for cancer. Immunocal is an undenatured bioactive whey protein loaded with Glutathione precursors. Immunocal has been evaluated by the CDC to stop and retard the replication of the AIDS virus. It is FDA approved and is reimbursable under Medicare/Medicaid.

MedExpress Discount Mail-Order Pharmaceutical Service
Washington, D.C.
Contact: Judy Richter
MedExpress is a discount mail-order pharmaceutical service that was founded by the National Association of People with AIDS in 1995. The new protease inhibitors had changed the definition of AIDS from a terminal illness to a chronic one and the goal was to insure accessibility to these medications as well as affordability, confidentiality and convenience. Personalized service, education and support components are an essential part of the MedExpress commitment to its members, including filling out insurance forms, accepting insurance payments, and evaluating possible waivers of co-insurance on a case-by-case basis. During the four years of its existence, MedExpress has remained true to its mission: to provide these drugs as well as all other FDA-approved pharmaceuticals at low discount prices through an exclusive arrangement with Eckerd Health Services.

The Medical Institute for Sexual Health
Austin, Texas
Contact: Shawna Peays
Founded in 1992 by Joe S. McIlhaney, Jr., M.D., The Medical Institute seeks to confront the twin epidemics of sexually transmitted diseases and nonmarital pregnancy through medically accurate research, presentations, products and support materials. We strive to inform many different facets of society to collectively impact our culture for a healthier future.

Priority Pharmacy
San Diego, California
Contact: Diana Ibarra
A national home delivery prescription service that specializes in HIV.

Roxane Laboratories, Inc.
Columbus, Ohio
Contact: Jeff Babb
Roxane Laboratories sells Viramune (NNRTI) for HIV infection and Marinol as an anti-emetic and appetite stimulant.

South Texas AIDS Center for Women, Youth, Children and Their Families
San Antonio, Texas
Contact: Grace S. Alderete
The mission of the South Texas AIDS Center is to provide comprehensive care for HIV positive children, adolescents and women by meeting the needs of the whole family. The children's quilt reminds us that we will fight the obstacles that seem insurmountable; we will endure because we must; we will comfort those in need because we care; and we will renew our efforts daily in the face of this nightmare that is real.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Contact: Richard Standifer

Texas AIDS Health Fraud Information Network (FDA)
Dallas, Texas
Contact: David Arvelo
The mission of the Texas AIDS Health Fraud Information Network (TAHFIN) is to educate the consumer on HIV/AIDS treatment fraud issues and concerns, especially as it relates to potentially dangerous and fraudulent therapies. TAHFIN respects the right of individuals to pursue alternative forms of treatment in addition to traditional therapies.

TLC Funding
Windermere, Florida
Contact: Craig Nielsen
Fiancial assistance for people living with life-threatening illnesses.

UTSWMC AIDS Prevention Project
Dallas, Texas
Contact: Beth McFarland
The UTSWMC AIDS Prevention Project provides HIV counseling, testing, education and prevention. They conduct HIV prevention studies to support prevention and education. The Young Men's Survey estimates prevalence of HIV infection, and the Young Women's Survey works with CDC to develop a national survey instrument. The Training Unit courses offer a variety of focus areas.

Wellspring Recovery Center
Longview, Texas
Contact: Wendell Hicks
Wellspring offers safe harbor beneath the stately pines for Texans living with HIV/AIDS and a chemical dependency diagnosis. This home of recovery is a Level II facility on the cutting edge of substance abuse therapies offered in a caring and dynamic environment. Wellspring provides multi-disciplinary opportunity for healing body, mind, and spirit through an outstanding professional team comprised of credentialed counselors/therapists, and nurses, all under the direction from a medical doctors specializing in HIV/AIDS.

Zafar Projects, Inc.
Tampa, Florida
Contact: Richard A. Porraro
We provide fundraising items for education and awareness. Items include the Living Condom Rose™ made from two Lifestyles condoms (bud of rose) with a gift card listing the STD and AIDS Hotlines, and the Explosive Passion Condom Dynamite™.

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