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    E-mail data requests to HIV/STD Program - This email can be used to request data and statistics on HIV, TB, and STDs in Texas. It cannot be used to get treatment or infection history for individuals, or to request information on programs and services. Please do not include any personal, identifying health information in your email such as HIV status, Date of Birth, Social Security Number, etc.

    For treatment/testing history, please contact your local Health Department.

    For information on HIV testing and services available to Persons Living with HIV and AIDS, please contact your local HIV services organization.

15th Texas HIV-STD Conference Pre-Conference Sessions

11:00 A.M. TO 5:00 P.M., Program Management Improvement Workgroup, Sabine

Attendance is by invitation only.

1:00 P.M. TO 3:00 P.M., STD*MIS Meeting, Trinity A

This meeting will provide an open forum for discussion of STD*MIS issues. In addition, a demonstration of the new STD*MIS Version 4.1 will be provided. STD*MIS Coordinator Karen Arrowood will be on hand to answer questions.

Karen Arrowood
STD*MIS Coordinator
HIV/STD Epidemiology and Surveillance Branch
Department of State Health Services
Austin, Texas

Karen Arrowood is the MIS and Surveillance Specialist for the DSHS HIV/STD Epidemiology and Surveillance Branch. She has been working for CDC in the field of HIV/STD for 14 years. Prior to her current position, she was an MIS and Surveillance Specialist for CDC in Atlanta.

1:00 P.M. TO 4:00 P.M., Texas Black Gay Network and DSHS Consultation, San Antonio

In Texas, the HIV epidemic has disproportionately affected a number of populations, especially African-American men who have sex with men. In an effort to better address this health disparity, DSHS is consulting with the Texas Black Gay Network (TBGN). This volunteer community group includes members from many different professions and affiliations. While the TBGN mission to help black gay men with broader health and life issues is different from that of the HIV/STD program, we come together to look for solutions and exchange information.

Todd Logan
Special Projects Coordinator
HIV/STD Comprehensive Services Branch
Department of State Health Services
Austin, Texas

Todd Logan began his career as a social worker in 1984, and worked for better than 10 years in social welfare. In the realm of HIV prevention, he has volunteered for an AIDS Crisis Hotline, been in a buddy program, and provided long-term counseling to newly diagnosed HIV positive gay men all before the introduction of protease inhibitors. He came to DSHS as a trainer, and now is Special Projects Coordinator for all scopes of work, including HIV prevention, Ryan White services, and STD intervention.

2:00 P.M. TO 4:00 P.M., Third Party Payor/Fee for Service Q/A Session (Valley AIDS Council), Bosque

Staff members from Valley AIDS Council will share their experience in developing and implementing a billing and fee for service system for clients receiving medical care. This workshop will provide the opportunity for discussion as well as brainstorming on implementing a third party payor system in a medical setting.

2:00 P.M. TO 4:00 P.M., ARIES Discussion, Nueces

This meeting will provide an open forum for discussion of ARIES issues. In addition, a demonstration of the ARIES software will be provided.

Darla Metcalfe
Project Director for Data Management Program Systems
HIV/STD Epidemiology and Surveillance Branch
Department of State Health Services
Austin, Texas

Darla Metcalfe has worked in HIV data management for 20 years. She began in AIDS surveillance and for the past 15 years has worked with HIV/AIDS services data. Metcalfe helped develop the AIDS Regional Information and Evaluation System (ARIES), which was implemented statewide in Texas and California. She has presented at numerous state and national conferences. Metcalfe recently conducted a presentation on the ARIES system at the 2006 Ryan White All Titles Meeting in Washington, D.C.

3:00 P.M. TO 5:00 P.M., Sex, Money, & Drugs: HIV/AIDS Policy & Issues Briefing, Trinity B

The 80th Texas Legislature will make decisions about funding and policies for HIV/AIDS prevention, treatment, and services in Texas. The 110th U.S. Congress will pick up where the 109th left off on appropriations and major legislation. This presentation will provide updates on appropriations, the status of recent policy changes, and proposed legislative initiatives. An interactive discussion of decision-making processes and opportunities for citizen participation will provide attendees with tools to actively follow the legislative and congressional sessions and keep abreast of developments as they occur.

Carolyn A. Parker, Ph.D.
Executive Director
Texas AIDS Network
Austin, Texas

Dr. Carolyn Parker is Executive Director of Texas AIDS Network. Parker is an anthropologist by training, with both field experience in East Africa and 15 years of experience in working with health care professionals to develop continuing education programs that address the practical problems of health care. In addition, Parker has worked with health care policy in both advisory and activist roles. She has lobbied on behalf of persons living with HIV in Washington, D.C., and Austin.

Randall Ellis
Legacy Community Health Services
Houston, Texas

7:00 P.M. TO 10:00 P.M., Dallas County Networking Session, Sabine

This is a networking meeting for Dallas County Health & Human Services STD/HIV employees in conjunction with local Dallas County community-based and agency-based organizations. This event will include discussions surrounding continued community partnerships and collaborations in the efforts to eliminate STDs.


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