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2012 MSM Sexual Health Summit

Resources for Attendees



Summit Presentations:

Ann Robbins – MSM Sexual Health Summit: A Texas Perspective (PowerPoint : 1,597 kB)

Steece – Expanded Gonorrhea and Hepatitis C Screening (PowerPoint : 3,651 kB)

Thrun – Improving STD Care in MSM (PDF : 3,288 kB)

Fierer – Epidemic of Sexually-Transmitted HCV Infection among HIV-infected (PDF : 4,896 kB)

Resources for Attendees:

CDC Outlines Growing Resistance of Gonorrhea to Treatment (Word : 60 kB) National Coalition of STD Directors Press Release, July 8, 2011

The Emerging Threat of Untreatable Gonococcal Infection (PDF : 606 kB) Gail A. Bolan, M.D., P. Frederick Sparling, M.D., and Judith N. Wasserheit, M.D., M.P.H., New England Journal of Medicine, February 9, 2012

Return of the Clap (Word : 92 kB) Maryn McKenna, Scientific American, May 4, 2012

Prevalence of Rectal, Urethral, and Pharyngeal Chlamydia and Gonorrhea Detected in 2 Clinical Settings among Men Who Have Sex with Men: San Francisco, California, 2003 (PDF : 335 kB) Charlotte K. Kent, Janice K. Chaw, William Wong, Sally Liska, Steven Gibson, Gregory Hubbard, and Jeffrey D. Klausner, Clinical Infectious Diseases, May 26, 2005

Gonorrhoea treatment failures to cefixime and azithromycin in England, 2010 [Euro Surveillance] (Ison CA, Hussey J, Sankar KN, Evans J, Alexander S. Gonorrhoea treatment failures to cefixime and azithromycin in England, 2010. Euro Surveill. 2011;16(14):pii=19833. Available online: http://www.eurosurveillance.org/ViewArticle.aspx?ArticleId=19833)

Sexual Transmission of Hepatitis C Virus among HIV-infected Men who have sex with Men – New York City, 2005-2010 [CDC] CDC MMWR, July 22, 2011

Recent epidemic of acute hepatitis C virus in HIV positive men who have sex with men linked to high risk sexual behaviors [AIDS] AIDS, May 11, 2007

Hepatitis C spreading rapidly among HIV positive gay men in Amsterdam [NAM Publications] August 5, 2009

“Explosion” of Sex-Spread Hepatitis C in HIV-Positive Men [Web MD] July 21, 2011


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