• The Indoor Air Quality Program (IAQ) is within the Division for Regulatory Services.

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About Us - Indoor Air Quality Program

The Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Program provides guidance to the public about indoor air pollutants such as formaldehyde, organic vapors, common pesticides, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, mercury, radon, molds and dusts.  Guidance includes (1) answering questions regarding health hazards of indoor air contaminants, sources of indoor air contaminants, and possible ways to solve indoor air problems; (2) distributing information on specific contaminants, on methods to correct the problem, and on methods to improve indoor ventilation; (3) conducting public seminars and meetings on IAQ; and (4) providing information on other resources for additional assistance.

The IAQ program established the Texas Voluntary Indoor Air Quality Guidelines for Government Buildings, which covers state, county, city, and school district buildings.  

Last updated July 23, 2012