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Report Hepatitis B within one week.  Reporting Form: EPI2

Report Perinatal Hepatitis B within one work day.


The Texas Health and Safety Code requires serologic testing for hepatitis B during pregnancy (Texas Health and Safety Code, Chapter 81, Subchapter E., §81.090). It also requires that specific information regarding notifiable conditions be reported to the Texas Department of State Health Services (Texas Health and Safety Code Chapter 81, Subchapter C. §81.041, §81.042, §81.043, and §81.044).

The Texas Administrative Code addresses the mandated role of health care providers, hospitals, laboratories, schools, and others to report patients who are suspected of having a notifiable condition (Texas Administrative Code Title 25, Part 1, Chapter 97).

The specific references to perinatal hepatitis B are summarized as follows:

  • Providers and hospitals to screen all pregnant women for hepatitis B surface antigen (HBsAg) at their first prenatal visit and at delivery ( Texas Administrative Code Title 25, Part 1, Chapter 97, Subchapter F § 97.135);
  • Perinatal hepatitis B and all positive HBsAg mothers must be reported to DSHS ( Texas Administrative Code Title 25, Part 1, Chapter 97, Subchapter A, §97.3).

Listed below are the links to access the statutes and rules pertaining to screening and reporting:


Enhancement Project

  • Prenatal Health Care Provider/Hospital Report of HBsAg-positive Mother (EF11-11015) (PDF PDF, 26.1 KB) | (MS Word DOC, 128 KB)
  • Supplemental Information Form (PDF PDF, 33 KB) | (MS Word DOC, 80 KB)



Regional and Local Health Departments

  • Mother Case Management Report (EF11-10932) (PDF PDF, 46 KB) | (MS Word DOC, 107 KB)
  • Infant Case Management Report (EF11-10931) (PDF PDF, 34 KB) | (MS Word DOC, 115 KB)
  • Contact Case Management Report (EF11-10934) (PDF PDF, 37 KB) | (MS Word DOC, 137 KB)
  • Perinatal HBsAg Status Card Form (F11-11539) (Word Document DOC, 68.3 KB)
  • Case Management Transfer Form (EF11-11014) (PDF PDF, 37.9 KB) | (MS Word DOC, 79.5 KB)
  • Summary Report for Perinatal and Infant Hepatitis C (MS Word DOC, 131 KB)
  • Perinatal Hep C new window

For additional information on perinatal hepatitis B prevention, please call (512) 458-7447.







Last updated September 4, 2015