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Murine Typhus Murine Typhus
(Fleaborne Typhus, Rickettsia Typhi)
ICD-9 081; ICD-10 A75
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Murine Typhus Statistics in Texas

Number of Human Cases reported: 1528
Age Range: 7 months – 95.5 Years
Average Age: 34.7 Years
Median Age: 33.1 Years
Mode: 12 Years
The apparent increase in the number of typhus cases reported can be attributed to active surveillance for typhus being conducted in the border counties between 2006 and 2009; and beginning in 2008, typhus expanding into new areas.  Increased awareness of murine typhus in the medical community in these new areas contributed to a record number of cases being reported in 2011.

Typhus Cases By Year


Typhus 2011



Typhus 2009

Typhus 2008

Typhus 2007

Typhus 2006






Last updated June 13, 2012