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(Training, Continuing Education)

Texas Department of State Health Services Animal Control Officer Training Manual

The Animal Control Officer Training Manual is a study reference prepared by the Texas Department of State Health Services' Zoonosis Control Branch (ZCB).  The online manual contains chapters covered in the ZCB's Animal Control Officer Basic Training course, including such topics as animal identification, capture and restraint, transportation, impoundment, and disposition, plus health, safety, sanitation, records, controlled substances, animal cruelty investigations, and communication skills.  There are also copies of the laws pertinent to animal control.  Additionally, the manual is an excellent reference tool for animal control agencies.  The manual is available at this website at no charge or can be ordered from the ZCB Regional Office for your area at a cost of $40.00.  Please note that the manual is copyrighted and cannot be reproduced by any means without permission from the Texas Department of State Health Services.

Below is the entire text for the Animal Control Officer Training Manual, which was fully revised in January 2014.
(Please note: refer below for revision made to the manual on 9-1-15).

Cover (PDF)
Spine (PDF)
Title Page (PDF)
Change Documentation Sheet (PDF)
Table of Contents (PDF)

Basic Chapters
Texas Laws

On September 1, 2015, the following revisions were made to the 2014 manual.  Below are the replacement files and instructions for how to incorporate them into your manual. All of the files are in PDF format.pdf

Instructions for Incorporating Animal Control Officer Training Manual Revisions pdf

Table of Contents pdf
Chapter 821. Treatment and Disposition of Animals pdf
Chapter 822. Regulation of Animals pdf
Chapter 823. Animals Shelters pdf
Chapter 826. Rabies Control Act pdf
Chapter 828. Dog and Cat Sterilization pdf
Texas Administrative Code 169. Dog and Cat Sterilization pdf
Chapter 829. Animal Control Officer Training pdf
Miscellaneous Texas Laws Pertaining to Animal Control(Section Contents) pdf
Miscellaneous Laws pdf

Advanced chapters from the 2003 Animal Control Officer Training Manual are posted for information purposes only.  The Department of State Health Services no longer conducts ACO Advanced Training courses and no longer updates these chapters.

Advanced Chapters


Last updated January 28, 2016