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Focused Administration of Vaccine and Prophylactic Medications

Immunization Branch

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Table of Contents

Introduction March 2002

Summary of Statewide Oganizational Responsibilities

  • Bureau of Immunization and Pharmacy Support
  • TDH Regional Offices/Local Health Departments

Advance Planning

  • Scope of Response
  • Vaccination/Prophylactic Medication Estimates
  • Clinic Site Selection and Design
  • Resources/Supplies
  • Personnel and Logistics
  • Vaccine/Prophylactic Medication Management
  • Training


  • Clinic Checklists
  • Tracking and Follow-up
  • Evaluation

Training Guides

  • CDC Resources for Smallpox
  • Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System
  • Vaccine Management

Forms and Documentation

PDF Version
(75KB, :23)

Pharmacy Division's
Community Bioterrorism Pharmaceutical Response Checklist

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Last updated December 13, 2010