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Focused Administration of Vaccine and Prophylactic Medications [ Page 4 ]

Immunization Branch

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Interpretation Station

All clients (males & females) who are "well" should receive vaccine/prophylactic medication and be referred to this station for the following:

  • Conduct counseling and review of the most current Information Statements. Two-way verbal communication is essential to obtain informed consent especially with non-English speaking individuals.
  • Ask females about pregnant status or suspect pregnancy. If a positive response is received about pregnancy status, refer client to the Pregnant Station.
  • Discuss precautions and contraindications prior to administration according to the latest CDC recommendations.
  • Refer clients to the next Registration and Sign-in Station.

Registration and Sign-In Station

Clients should verify personal information.

  • Verify personal information and recording date of Information Statements.
  • This list may be used for consent of prophylaxis/vaccination if clinic policies have this requirement.
  • After obtaining signature and verifying information from client, refer to the Prophylaxis/Vaccination Station.

Prophylaxis/Vaccination Station

Clients should receive prophylaxis/vaccination at this station.

  • Assure counseling was given to client prior to administering vaccine/prophylactic medication
  • Give documentation of vaccine/prophylactic medication.
  • Give instructions regarding importance of completing medication, or returning for additional doses of vaccine. Inform patients of tracking/recall procedures.
  • Make available Standing Orders and an Emergency Kit for possible reactions to vaccine/first dose of medication.

Vaccine/Prophylactic Medication Prep Area

  • Staff prepares vaccine for administration.
  • Staff repackages medications into individual doses/quantities.
  • Supply Manager or Pharmacy Manager maintains centralized inventory of vaccine/prophylactic medication

Pregnant Station

Women who are known to be pregnant or in whom pregnancy is suspected should be referred to this station for the following:

  • Determine name of Prenatal Provider.
  • Provide necessary counseling

Sick Station

Clients who have a history or symptoms of illness (e.g. rash or obvious signs of illness) should be referred to the Sick Station for an evaluation that includes the following:

  • Arrange for clients with rash illness to exit building and transport to nearest care facility with the least exposure to others clients.
  • Fill out case investigation form
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Last updated December 13, 2010